Prominent Scientist Jacob Appelbaum Describes the Innovative Science Behind Rejuvel 3D Skin Renewal Cream

“We have a breakthrough product that can transform people’s lives,”
he writes.

Bio-Sciences, Inc.
(OTCQB:NUUU), a NASA Technology Transfer Partner
and creator of REJUVEL
Ageless Infinity Microgravity Cell Renewal Cream, announced today
that the Chairman of its Advisory Board, Jacob G. Appelbaum, Ph.D., has
written a column describing the breakthrough science behind Rejuvel 3D.

In the article,
Dr. Appelbaum recounts how he and an old friend and business colleague, Charles
, became intrigued by work at NASA growing cells in three
dimensions using a rotating bioreactor that mimics the microgravity of

“Charles and I, along with Charles’ key business colleague, John
Stickler, realized that the NASA microgravity-simulating bioreactor
could serve as the basis for a whole variety of important new products,
starting with the cosmetics,” Dr. Appelbaum writes.

One key question, though, was what type of cell to grow first in the
bioreactor. Dr. Appelbaum’s search for the best cell led him to green
tea plants in the Camellia sinensis family. Green tea extracts
were already known to have a host of health benefits. But by picking a
particular type of green tea cell—so-called plant callus cells that are
like stem cells in their ability to regenerate any part of the entire
plant — and growing them in the bioreactor, Dr. Appelbaum was able to
produce many more of the flavonoids and other active biological
ingredients than are found in standard green tea extracts. Moreover,
some of the ingredients are completely unique to the Rejuvel process.
“Our callus stem cell extract contains a unique combination of
phytochemicals with additional biological moieties such as proteins with
enzymatic and growth factor properties,” Dr. Appelbaum explains.

That extract is what makes Rejuvel 3D so potent, Dr. Appelbaum writes.
“So far the results have been even better than we had hoped, with
wrinkles disappearing, spots fading, and skin becoming healthier and
more youthful. I believe that we have a breakthrough product that can
transform people’s lives and bring in substantial revenues for Rejuvel

Dr. Appelbaum sees more products ahead. “As a scientist, I see even
greater potential for our 3D cell culture technology, such as growing
everything from human skin patches for burn victims to a whole variety
of other organ cells,” he writes. “We are just at the beginning of
harnessing the power of this space-inspired technology to improve health
and wellness — and the future looks bright indeed.”

Dr. Appelbaum is a theoretical physicist who arrived in the U.S. from
Russia in 1987. He spent five years as a senior scientist in the
Innovative Nuclear Space Power and Propulsion Institute at the
University of Florida, and also worked as a consultant for NASA’s Jet
Propulsion Laboratory and a number of corporations. He started a
company, Advanced Technology Development, Inc., that develops innovative
technologies and commercializes its inventions via separately funded
spin-off companies.

BREAKING: Rejuvel Bio-Sciences, Inc. featured in USA Today
article on October 9, 2015 titled “10
Ways Space Technology Benefits Our Earthly Existence.


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