Raw Dog Food Sales Increase Means Higher Dog Vitamin Sales at Dynamite Specialty Products

MERIDIAN, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Increasing sales of raw dog food are leading to higher sales of canine
vitamins, probiotics and nutritional supplements at Dynamite Specialty

The Pet Food Institute estimates that U.S. sales of packaged raw pet
foods have increased 17 percent, or $114 million a year, since 2008. The
total is likely higher as many people prepare their own raw pet food.

While raw food has nutritional benefits, many experts agree that it
lacks nutrients animals would receive if they caught their own prey in
the wild.

“TNT dog vitamin sales have increased approximately 25 percent in the
past two years,” said CEO Callie Zamzow.

TNT, or Total Nutritional Top-dress, combines vitamins, minerals and
trace minerals, nutrients and herbs that support healthy growth and
maintenance of joints, clay to address environmental toxins, immune
boosters and even a bit of yucca to address inflammation and reduce
urine burns in the lawn. It is highly palatable and can be mixed with
water to form a gravy to be poured over food.

Also popular is Dyna Pro,™ a prebiotic that helps with digestion by
improving the substrate where healthy gut microbes flourish. Gut health
in dogs can be impaired by stress, diet changes, vaccinations and
antibiotics, among other things.

Sales of Dynamite’s Super Premium Dog Food also have increased by about
20 percent as people who don’t have time for raw food seek a kibble
containing ingredients they can trust. This all-natural dog food is made
with fresh, hand-trimmed USDA chicken and low-ash lamb and is free of
the common allergens corn and wheat.

A family-owned business that has specialized in nutrition for four
generations, Dynamite Specialty Products makes all-natural dog food and
horse feed, as well as nutritional supplements for humans and virtually
every other member of the animal kingdom. All Dynamite products are
manufactured in the United States for better quality control.

Dynamite, with headquarters here, has more than 4,000 distributors
across the country. Additional information is available at www.dynamitespecialty.com
or by calling (800) 697-7434.


for Dynamite Specialty Products
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