Recovery Centers of America Joins Wicked Sober’s Network of Rehabilitation Centers

Organizations join forces to help patients find treatment and achieve
meaningful recovery

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In response to the national opioid crisis, Recovery
Centers of America (RCA)
announced it has partnered with Wicked
to provide intervention, support, and family services to
individuals and their families struggling with substance use disorders.

Since 2003, heroin
use in the U.S. has nearly tripled, prompting the approval of an extra
$94 million in federal funding for addiction treatment across 45 states
In 2015,
Massachusetts saw an 8 percent increase in unintentional opioid overdose
, claiming 1,379 lives in total. That number represents a
steady influx, with 2014 marking a 41 percent increase in unintentional
opioid deaths, the greatest surge in the last decade. In Massachusetts,
the current gap between those seeking help and available facilities is
staggering. While about 50,000 people enter detox each year, there are
only 3,000 beds available for next-step treatment.

RCA is transforming the way treatment is delivered through its
centralized community-based centers of addiction medicine designed from
research indicating sustained recovery is more likely when patients stay
connected to and supported by family and friends while building other,
ongoing support networks. RCA provides the finest individualized
inpatient and long-term outpatient treatment programs to those suffering
from drug and alcohol substance use disorder. To serve the Massachusetts
community, it is opening a
90-bed facility in Westminster
and a 210-bed
facility in Danvers

“RCA shares our vision of offering treatment in an environment conducive
to recovery,” says Mike Duggan, certified intervention professional and
founder of Wicked Sober. “Addiction is a chronic illness, and too many
facilities in the field attempt to treat it acutely by stabilizing
patients and releasing them with no follow up care. The clinical team at
RCA understands the importance of the entire continuum of care,
including case management services and long-term patient follow up to
ensure the best chances of meaningful recovery.”

Founded and based in Massachusetts, Wicked Sober helps those struggling
with drugs and alcohol through its relationships with facilities
offering customized treatment options. The organization provides
personal experience and direction from certified interventionists; free
consultations for families of loved ones, friends of the addict or
alcoholic, or the addict or alcoholic themselves; and assists patients
in locating the best treatment program for them using its rehabilitation
center network. The support patients receive from Wicked Sober
motivating them to begin treatment is vital in a state where the average
wait to enter rehab is 19 days, and can last up to 10 weeks.

“Since its inception, Wicked Sober has worked with families and
individuals seeking assistance with treatment options, resources and
support. Mike and his team have demonstrated true care and compassion
which aligns perfectly with RCA’s mission and values,” says Brad
Greenstein, chief executive officer of New England Center for Addiction
Medicine. “In addition, the organization has developed innovative
partnerships and programs with local coalitions, public safety and other
agencies to address the opiate crisis we are experiencing in
Massachusetts. The Wicked Sober Drop-in Center we are planning for our
location in Danvers is just one example of how public and private
partnerships can address community challenges at a higher level than a
one-sided approach. We look forward to helping those struggling through
Wicked Sober’s services and 1-800-RECOVERY.”

Through this partnership, RCA joins the battle Wicked Sober has waged in
communities against the nation’s bourgeoning opiate epidemic. Wicked
Sober works in task forces with first responders including police and
fire departments, EMTs, and health and human services organizations to
assist those with substance use disorders enter treatment through its
several intervention

RCA’s integrative, evidence-based approach to treatment addresses all
barriers to recovery: physical, mental, social, spiritual, family, and
medical. Its Neighborhood Model features centralized, community-based
recovery campuses, and the RCA OnePlan provides individualized
comprehensive treatment plans to meet every patient’s unique needs.

If you or a loved one need help call 1-800-RECOVERY or visit

For information and advice, please visit Wicked Sober at

About Recovery Centers of America

Based in King of Prussia, PA, Recovery Centers of America is the finest
provider of inpatient and outpatient drug, alcohol and substance abuse
treatment, advocating for some 22.7 million Americans suffering from
behavioral health and substance use disorders. The company, which is
opening treatment centers throughout the Northeast, is transforming the
way treatment is delivered in an industry in desperate need of change.
Recovery Centers of America’s neighborhood-based centers for addiction
medicine are designed based on the latest scientific research that
indicates sustained recovery is more likely when patients stay connected
to and supported by family and friends, while building other, ongoing
support networks. By allowing patients to receive treatment in an
atmosphere more akin to a college campus with Starbucks-like appeal,
Recovery Centers of America helps overcome the stigma of addiction and
its treatment, which is essential to meaningful recovery. For more
information dial 1-800-RECOVERY or visit


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