Redfin Survey Shows 83% of Parents Check Their Children’s Candy before They Let Them Eat It

61% of Parents Don’t Let Their Kids Eat All of The Candy

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Halloween is quickly creeping up on us, so Redfin, (,
the next-generation real estate brokerage, surveyed 1,000 parents with
children under the age of 18 to find out how they feel about
trick-or-treating, safety and all of that candy.

Blakely Minton, a Redfin real estate agent with two kids, has her own
safety tips for anyone heading out to trick-or-treat this year. “We
always go as a group and try to stay within neighborhoods that we are
familiar with, since we know the people in those communities. We also
use glow sticks or stickers that act as reflecting lights so it is easy
to keep track of everyone as it starts to get dark outside. As for the
candy, I will go through it and throw out anything that is already
open… and anyone who says they don’t secretly eat their children’s
candy is lying!” she said.

Here are the results from the survey:

  • 82.85% of parents check their children’s candy for anything dangerous
    before they let them eat it
  • 62.21% of parents secretly eat their children’s candy
  • 36.96% of parents think a child should stop trick-or-treating by age 16
  • 35.70% of parents think it is OK to let their children trick-or-treat
    alone by ages 12-13 and 19.4% of parents think it is ok for kids ages
    14-15 to trick-or-treat alone
  • 65.16% of parents plan on handing out candy this year
  • 61.07% of parents don’t let their child eat all of the candy

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