Remove the Emotional Baggage in Your Life Through Misguided by Love, Redirected by Faith

Local author shares personal journey of rediscovering herself
after overcoming years of pain and sexual abuse

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sometimes ‘spring cleaning’ can be a tedious chore, removing unwanted
items from cluttering up your life, freeing yourself from the
unnecessary ‘baggage’ around you. In our everyday life, we all have our
own ‘baggage,’ albeit the emotional kind; consisting of suitcases,
trunks or closets filled with painful memories, secrets and stories. In Misguided
by Love, Redirected by Faith
, Texas native, Ericka Ellis
chronicles her personal journey toward freedom from years of abuse,
depression and rebellion and other adversities weighing her down.

Misguided is Ericka’s first published book which outlines the
burdens she subjected at the hands of her mother, a former drug addict.
Her exposure to years of drug and sexual abuse in her childhood and
early adulthood, forced Ericka to a road less-traveled, in an attempt to
not follow her mother’s destructive and rebellious path. Throughout her
years of tumultuous experiences, Ericka rediscovers her purpose through
a renewed love and unwavering faith. The transparency and authenticity
chronicled in Misguided, allows readers to evaluate what’s
weighing them down and how to find peace by ridding the emotional
baggage in their lives.

“This book is relatable to everyone. I use my life to start the
conversation to talk about emotional baggage. We can all, in some way,
relate to identity issues, abuse, self-esteem and more; and I believe
this book covers all facets of life,” said Ericka. “I’m an ordinary
person and while my story isn’t unique, it’s unique in how I dealt with
everything. This book’s message lets others know there’s freedom on the
other side.”

About Misguided by Love, Redirected by Faith

Not officially released until April 2016, Misguided by Love,
Redirected by Faith,
follows the destructive struggle of Ericka
Ellis’ journey to finding freedom and releasing the emotional baggage
that weighed her down for so long. Through faith and a new found
redemption of hope, Ericka connects with readers to help them find their
truths and break down their barriers to find personal happiness. You may
pre-order your copy of Misguided by Love, Redirected by Faith now
by going to
Available in April, you may purchase Ericka’s book on,
download an e-version on Amazon Kindle, the iTunes app store or Google

About Ericka Ellis

Native of Dallas, Texas, Ericka Ellis founded nonprofit, Think.Love.Smart,
upon the mission to “Move Foster Girls Forward,” with a commitment to
empower foster youth to win against all odds. Ericka passionately
aspires to help others live victoriously by relentlessly spreading
messages of hope and freedom. She holds a bachelor’s degree in
Organizational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University and is
currently pursuing her master’s degree from Purdue University. You can
follow her journey by subscribing to her blog on
or on Instagram and Facebook (@erickaellis).


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