Repeal and Replace: HealthMarkets Unveils New Tool Enabling Americans to Build Own Health Care Bill

“Tweet to Trump” Function Sends User-generated “Bills” Straight to
the Top

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HealthCare–HealthMarkets Insurance Agency (“HealthMarkets”),
a leading health insurance agency that has helped enroll Americans in
more than two million insurance plans since the introduction of the
Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), today unveils #OurCare, a new tool that
aims to cut through the rhetoric relating to America’s health care
system to help the public communicate what it really wants in health
care reform.

What is #OurCare?

#OurCare, which is available at,
enables consumers, health care professionals and business owners alike
to build their own health care “bill” and share with state and federal
representatives. Specifically, by inputting their preferences regarding
what our national health care system should look like, these
stakeholders can generate a faux “bill” that gives voice to their views.
It can also be used by educators to teach students how health care
reform really works.

“We are standing at the precipice of what is expected to be another
massive overhaul of the health care industry,” said Michael Z. Stahl,
HealthMarkets’ Sr. Vice President. “Unfortunately the path from what we
have to what’s next is not clear. Too often, this debate seems to be
shaped by party politics, so we decided to create a non-partisan tool
that will allow members of the public to communicate their views about
the health care system directly to their representatives.”

How does #OurCare work?

#OurCare is designed to be a simple, straight-forward online
questionnaire that gives the user a brief overview of the key issues
surrounding health care reform, and offers several possible “solutions”
that have been proposed by industry leaders and government officials.
Users also have the option to write-in their own ideas, and can even
review and endorse “bills” that have been generated by other users.

Upon completion, each bill can be shared directly through social media
channels or sent to state and federal representatives. #OurCare features
a “Tweet to Trump” function that enables users to send their bill
directly to the President.

Continued Stahl, “Fixing a three trillion-dollar industry isn’t easy,
but what we need is open and honest dialogue around what a successful
health care industry should look like and how we bridge the gap between
the ACA and whatever might replace it. As a leading distributor of
individual/family health insurance in America, we hope to play a part in
giving voice to this movement. Members of the public should be able to
let politicians know what they want
their health care system to look like. In the end it’s not ObamaCare.
It’s not TrumpCare. It’s OurCare.”

Join HealthMarkets in the #OurCare movement by going to There, you can B.Y.O.B … Build Your Own Bill, which
lets you determine what you would
include in health care legislation. You can then share your health care
bill with friends, family, your favorite politicians in Washington, or
tweet your bill directly to President Trump.

Build Your Own Bill and make your voice heard today at:


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