Return Path Reveals Key Trends in Consumer Purchasing Behavior for Summertime Retail

New report analyzes purchase data for major consumer brands across
popular summertime retail categories.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Consumer purchase data is among the strongest leading indicators of
economic trends, as consumer spending accounts for more than 70 percent
of US GDP. Released today, Return Path’s Brands
of Summer
explores purchase trends for prominent consumer
brands in key categories of the seasonal retail market.

For each of these brands, the report analyzes the purchase activity of a
sample cohort of consumers with at least two years of purchase history.
Data points include average orders per month, average monthly orders per
buyer, and average monthly spend per buyer. In addition, the report
shows trending data on monthly buyer counts and monthly spend for each

According to the report:

  • Consumers may lack the commitment to put cash behind their fitness
    Beachbody, a brand best known for its popular P90X fitness
    series, saw a 25 percent year-over-year increase in the number of
    buyers from 2014 to 2015. However, during the same time period,
    average monthly spend declined by 14 percent. This may signal a large
    number of consumers cashing in on free trials, but dropping the
    program once payment is required.
  • Spending trends up for leisure travel brands. Year-over-year
    purchase numbers remain strong for leisure brands Sandals Resorts and
    Carnival Cruise Line. In fact, the report shows a 45 percent increase
    in same-cohort total spend for Carnival.
  • The shift to subscription-based music streaming accelerates. Despite
    fierce competition in the streaming music industry, category leader
    Spotify continues to grow. The report shows upward trends in both
    buyer count and monthly spend that bode well for the brand’s rumored

The Brands of Summer report showcases the capabilities of Return
Path’s Consumer Insight business. This data-as-a-service solution parses
purchase data from more than 1 million opted-in consumers’ email
receipts, representing purchases from more than 500 companies spanning
dozens of industries. By capturing high volumes of detailed online
purchase receipts, Return Path’s Consumer Insight data enables deep
analysis into shopper preferences and purchase patterns including
SKU-level data, itemized pricing, sizing, color, and quantity purchased.

“This report is an excellent example of the powerful insights business
professionals can get using our anonymized, item-level data. And it’s
just the tip of the iceberg,” said Eric Weinberg, Return Path’s
Executive Vice President of Field Operations. “By providing this rich,
highly detailed information on consumer buying habits, Return Path can
help analysts, market researchers, and retailers understand their
audience, recognize market trends, and make more confident business

The complete Brands of Summer report can be found here:


Return Path collects and curates item-level receipt data from the
inboxes of more than one million opted-in US consumers. Our proprietary
parsing algorithm scrubs emails of personally identifiable information
(PII), seeks out e-receipts, and extracts purchase information. Then, we
normalize product titles and categories. The end product is a robust,
structured, clean data set ready for analysis. Data used in this
analysis reflects both online and offline transactions. Each sample
cohort consists of consumers for whom we have at least two years of
purchase data and who made a purchase from respective retailers anytime
between January 2014 and December 2015.

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