Right Path Drug Rehab Implements New Exercise Component in Addiction Treatment Programs

Luxury Drug Rehab Center Improves Clients’ Chances of Sustained

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In 2012, researchers from the University of Arizona conducted a study
for the Journal of Experimental Biology that focused on the idea of
neurobiological rewards. At the end of the study, the researchers
demonstrated how exercise causes the brain to experience a chemical
reward. This study and others like it have given addiction specialists
the necessary information to begin to utilize this alternate reward
system for clients who are getting clean from drugs or alcohol.

Rick Bell, an intake coordinator with Right Path Drug
, says there are many reasons why exercise is crucial to making
a full recovery from addiction. “It really helps clients physically and
mentally. It improves their moods and also helps them get in shape.
Exercise just makes people feel good. When someone is in rehab, they’re
going to want to feel as good as possible while they’re getting sober.”

Clients at Right Path Drug Rehab tend to choose yoga for the social
element that comes with it. Clients practice yoga in groups and tend to
use it as a way to create a new sober social network while doing
something that benefits the body and mind. Another reason that yoga is
so popular is that there is a class for every skill level. Bell says, “A
lot of the clients who come in and say they’re not into yoga have become
some of its biggest enthusiasts.” Aside from yoga, Right Path Drug Rehab
offers hiking, 24-hour access to fitness centers, surfing, swimming,
kayaking and more.

A big reason why exercise is so important during addiction
is because working out helps reroute the obsessive thoughts
that often arise when it comes to sobriety. It also fills the brain with
dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin, all natural chemicals the body makes
on its own.

Right Path Drug Rehab has helped innumerable clients on their personal
journeys, and much of the help is thanks to the comprehensive exercise
component skillfully woven into their customizable addiction treatment
programs. Case managers help clients design the most appropriate
addiction treatment program based on substance abuse and addiction
severity; however, now each client’s treatment program always involves
the exercise component.


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