Robles School students take a stand against bullying with GEICO-inspired campaign

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to,
nearly 71 percent of students surveyed say they’ve been a witness to
bullying. Another 30 percent of the students surveyed also admitted to
bullying someone themselves. The public is pretty well acquainted with
the facts that bullying comes in several forms and continues to be a
significant problem in today’s schools.

One local elementary school, Robles Elementary School in Tampa, Fla.,
decided to take a stand against bullying, and students there took part
in a school-wide contest to confront the issue.

Many classes worked on posters to illustrate their feelings on the
subject and it was Ms. Danielle Barton’s second graders whose poster
took the school’s top spot.

“The class was determined to create a poster that was catchy, but also
conveyed an important anti-bullying message,” said Ms. Barton, M. Ed.,
who teachers that class. “After brainstorming, the students chose the
GEICO advertising message ‘It’s what you do.’ for their own campaign

Their slogan: “If you’re a student, you come to school – that’s what you
do. If you’re against bullying, you stop it – it’s what you do.”

When associates in GEICO’s Lakeland office learned about the poster,
they hatched up a plan to pay the school a visit and surprise a room
full of second-graders. Perhaps the biggest surprise came when the
students had a chance to meet GEICO’s six-foot-tall, living, breathing
Gecko, who was pretty excited himself to be surrounded by so many fans.

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