RTLS Leader Sonitor® Technologies Announces Launch of Patient Wandering and Access Monitoring Technology

New Sonitor Sense™ SenseAlert™ RTLS Assists Facilities With Patient
Wandering and Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Areas

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sonitor Technologies Inc., a global leader in indoor positioning
technologies, today announced a new addition to its RTLS portfolio for
its industry-leading Sonitor Sense RTLS open integration platform.
SenseAlert provides a discrete and flexible solution designed to assist
facilities with potentially dangerous situations like patient wandering
and unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

SenseAlert (http://sonitor.com/application-safety.html)
is powered by the state-of-the-art, power-efficient SenseAlert QuadLT+.
With both ultrasound and LF, this system delivers ‘on-demand’ zone
coverage and accurate, reliable chokepoints at exits and entrances. The
QuadLT+ is designed with optional vandal-proof covers to meet
international and IK10 standards for ruggedness and impact and will
allow for more direct transmission of the ultrasound signal helping
extend the battery life of the devices by reducing signal attenuation.
When coupled with Sonitor’s SenseAlert SmartTag and SenseAlert
tamper-resistant band, this real-time indoor positioning system can help
locate individuals who have wandered or individuals entering
unauthorized areas by immediately and accurately pinpointing their exact
location. This provides customers the confidence they need to discretely
protect sensitive areas and keep patients safe without compromising
freedom of movement.

SenseAlert is an integral part of the Sonitor Sense™ RTLS System, a
proprietary, high definition, open integration RTLS platform powered by
SmartZoning™ technology, with Wi-Fi and LF to deliver a completely
scalable solution that supports an expanding range of applications.
Sonitor SmartTags are embedded with the logic to know their location and
to communicate instantaneously over the Wi-Fi network when their
position changes. Not only does this provide real-time update rates, it
enables industry-leading battery life for low maintenance and cost.

“SenseAlert responds to an increasing demand in the marketplace for a
technology that delivers a practical solution to common safety
concerns,” said Anne Bugge, President and CEO of Sonitor Technologies.
“The SenseAlert technology underscores Sonitor’s commitment to improving
the safety of patients, staff and the facility as a whole.”

About Sonitor Technologies, Inc.

Sonitor Technologies’ tiered resolution Real Time Location Systems
(RTLS), with patented High Definition Ultrasound capabilities, are
specifically developed and designed for indoor positioning in complex
environments. Sonitor has developed the healthcare industry’s most
advanced open integration RTLS platform, Sonitor Sense™, a wireless
system which supports a wide range of applications to make hospital
operations more efficient. Sonitor is selected by world-class partners
to build industry-leading solutions for global deployment. For more
information please visit www.sonitor.com.


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