Rutgers Business School Offers an Innovative Customer-Centric Management Course

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rutgers Business School today announced that it will offer the
innovative Mini-MBA:
Customer-Centric Management
course again this year. The certificate
program will be offered by Rutgers Business School Executive
Education from March 27 – 31, 2017, in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The Customer-Centric Management program gives participants an
understanding of customer experience as a fundamental philosophy as
opposed to something “nice-to-have.” This program is led by customer
experience industry experts who are passionate about providing
participants with the main ingredients for growing and sustaining their
clients. Additionally, this program allows participants to connect with
like-minded professionals in an environment that promotes relationship
building and personalized connections during all interactions.

This certificate program is structured and designed with transition in
mind. Through a managed process participants are taken from the state of
being customer-conscious to a state of being customer-centric. Using a
combination of structured modules and open dialogue sessions,
participants chart a personal journey that exposes them to the theory of
customer centricity in a way that allows them to discover new
opportunities to connect with their customers and create value within
their organization.

The Customer-Centric Management program prepares participants to create
and implement a strategic customer-centric vision using tactical
methodologies within their organization. Quite simply, this program
provides participants with the current tools and strategies for linking
their organization’s goals and objectives with the wants and needs of
the customers that they serve.

“Creating and implementing a great customer experience strategy is a
complex and long-term process. Complicating matters, are the many ways
that consumers can interact with your business,” said Vickie Anderson,
Rutgers Business School Executive Education program manager.

“Rutgers understands this problem and has created an innovative program
that provides the tools necessary to implement an effective strategy
within an organization, creating value for your business.”

“Today, the business community recognizes the importance of and is
investing in getting their executives and teams up to date and up to
speed on all things user experience,” said Ronnie Battista, an executive
education program faculty member.

“Industries that, until recently, have not seen a strong need for user
experience are now clamoring for it, because the advantages of their
once-impenetrable business processes are being overcome by both
incumbent competitors and a host of digital startups,” Battista added.

for the March 27 – 31 course and be a part of a great
experience. This program has been approved by the New Jersey Department
of Labor for workforce training grants. Funding may be available for
those receiving unemployment benefits. This program has also been
approved by the State Approving Agency and the Veterans Administration.
Funding may be available for those eligible to receive GI Bill
educational benefits.

If prospective participants have any questions about the program or
application, they can contact Vickie Anderson, program manager at
848-445-9248 or


Rutgers Business School
Vickie Anderson, 848-445-9248