Ruttenberg Autism Center Opens in Philadelphia Suburbs

— The Center for Autism establishes new center to expand Autism
Spectrum Disorder services in Philadelphia Region —

Autism Center
, established by The
Center for Autism
, opens in Blue Bell, PA, to provide much-needed
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) services to the Philadelphia region.
Ruttenberg Autism Center’s team of highly trained, experienced
clinicians specializes exclusively in serving individuals with ASD and
their families, to allow for a more concentrated excellence in care.
Services include evaluation, treatment, psychiatry, and support for
family members. The organization’s clinical team consists of experts
from a variety of disciplines, including a school psychologist, clinical
psychologist, psychiatrist and social worker, to ensure the myriad needs
of the individual and family are met with precision and care.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, autism is
prevalent in 1 in 45 American children today, versus 1 in 150 in 2000.
Despite this, the Philadelphia region has few treatment providers that
span the patient lifecycle while incorporating family into the
treatment. Furthermore, many of the region’s reputable ASD service
providers are beyond their client capacity and, therefore, many families
are sadly forced to postpone initial evaluation or treatment for several
months. Ruttenberg Autism Center will help solve this capacity challenge
by serving as an additional trusted resource for individuals and
families seeking ASD treatment and evaluation.

“Over the past two decades, we’ve witnessed a steady increase in autism
spectrum diagnoses,” said David M. Maola, CEO of Ruttenberg Autism
Center and The Center for Autism. “While awareness and services for
children with autism have increased exponentially, there remains a
dramatic need for support services in Philadelphia, specifically in the
suburban areas.”

Ruttenberg Autism Center is uniquely qualified to be the premier autism
services provider to families in the Philadelphia region that either do
not qualify for income-based services, or cannot allow further
postponement of the initial evaluation and treatment of a family member.
With Ruttenberg Autism Center’s fee-for-service model, individuals and
families will always have timely and reliable ASD support.

Ruttenberg Autism Center offers initial evaluations for people of all
ages, reevaluations for those with a prior diagnosis and school
evaluations to improve learning — all of which include a comprehensive
follow-up plan and customized treatment recommendations. The Ruttenberg
Autism Center’s trained clinicians may administer ADOS-2, considered the
“gold standard” instrument for providing diagnostic information, to
assist in determining the best recommendations suited for a particular

“Our services are intended to treat the entire lifespan of autism,” said
Maola. “We know the significance of early diagnosis, but also take a
360-degree approach to treatment to achieve the greatest level of
independence possible over the course of the individual’s life.”

For more information about treatment options from Ruttenberg Autism
Center, visit

About Ruttenberg Autism Center

Ruttenberg Autism Center, established by The Center for Autism and
guided by the values and principles of Dr. Bertram A. Ruttenberg, is a
suburban Philadelphia-based, fee-for-service organization providing
treatment services for the lifespan of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Ruttenberg Autism Center’s team of clinicians specializes in effective,
evidence-based practices. For more information on treatment and support
services, please visit


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