Saint Joseph Hospital Launches New Mammography Van

State-of-the-art van to visit all four corners of Colorado

Joseph Hospital
today unveiled its new, state-of-the-art mobile
mammography van. The 24-foot van is a full-service breast cancer
screening clinic and is outfitted with the very latest 3D mammography
(also known as tomosynthesis mammography) equipment. This van replaces
another mobile mammography unit that Saint Joseph Hospital used for more
than 10 years. Saint Joseph Hospital estimates that more than 4,000
women will get their mammograms through the mobile unit this year.

Among the van’s notable features is breast density software, which
calculates a woman’s breast density while the mammogram is taking place.
This is important as women who are on the higher end of the breast
density scale carry a higher risk for breast cancer some time during
their lifetime.

The set up of the mobile mammography van is very similar to what is
found in any clinic. In addition to the mammography equipment and
workstation for the radiology technologist, there is a small waiting
area, two changing rooms, warm gowns for patients, and a simple check-in
process. As in a traditional clinic, the entire process takes 20 minutes.

“If a woman has her mammogram annually from age 40 on, she has her best
chance of finding cancer that’s in an early enough stage to be cured,”
said Dr. Jerome Schroeder, director of imaging for the Breast Care
Center at Saint Joseph Hospital. “This mobile unit makes it easy and
convenient for employers to provide a potentially lifesaving screening
for their employees.”

Employers and organizations that are interested in having the mobile
mammography unit visit their site can call 303-308-3419 or email
to schedule a visit.

“Thanks to our generous sponsors and donors we were able to raise nearly
$700,000 to provide this lifesaving service to thousands of women across
Colorado,” said Megan Mahncke, president, Saint Joseph Hospital
Foundation. “The mobile mammography unit ties back to our 142-year
history of providing quality, compassionate care to the people of

The Saint Joseph Hospital mobile mammography van was made possible by
support from the James and Beatrice Salah Charitable Fund, the Safeway
Foundation, associates of Saint Joseph Hospital and the generosity of
the community. Many women served by the mobile mammography unit are
uninsured or underinsured. Saint Joseph Hospital partners with Susan G.
Komen Colorado, the State of Colorado’s Well Woman Connection program,
individual donors and other funders to cover the costs of mammography
for every woman in need.

About Saint Joseph Hospital:

Saint Joseph Hospital was founded in Denver in 1873 by the Sisters of
Charity of Leavenworth, Kansas, as the first private hospital in
Colorado. Today, it continues as the largest private teaching hospital
in Denver. The hospital provides a tradition of healthcare that includes
compassionate caregivers, stellar clinical expertise and an active
partnership with Kaiser Permanente and community physicians. Saint
Joseph Hospital is nationally recognized for its clinical performance.
In June 2014, National Jewish Health and Saint Joseph Hospital signed a
joint operating agreement that allows the two organizations to
collaborate on inpatient and outpatient care. To learn more, visit
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