Sales Simplicity and Its Technology Partners Invest Heavily in Development and Staff Resources for Home Builder Customers

The Technology Partners Invest $8 Million Annually in R&D, While
Offering 177 Personnel to Work Directly With Home Builder Customers, Far
Outranking Resources Committed by Competing Solutions

Simplicity Software
, the widely acknowledged leader in CRM, sales
automation, dynamic content management, and reporting for the home
builder and real-estate sectors, today announced that Sales Simplicity
and its technology partners have combined forces to offer unrivaled
support and R&D resources. Together, Avid
, BuilderMT,
, Hyphen
, Punchlist
, Sales
, and Western
collectively invest $8,000,000 (eight million) dollars in
research and development each year. This amount far exceeds that
invested by competing solutions.

These top-tier technology companies, which offer a “best of breed” set
of solutions to home builders, collectively offer 177 personnel that
work directly for clients, including 56 of the home building industry’s
top software developers, as well as 42 additional personnel in support
roles. For consultants, who interact with clients each and every day,
the technology partners collectively offer 79 full-time experts.

here to see an infographic
that presents this data in graphic form.

Looking at the combined strength of these solutions, it should come as
no surprise that they are all the #1 market share leaders in the home
building sector. Moreover, the technology partners – Avid
, BuilderMT,
, Hyphen
, Punchlist
, Sales Simplicity, and Western
– have combined to win more technology awards than all of
their competitors combined.

As technology partner BuilderMT recently pointed out in a press release:
“In case study after case study, this ‘best of breed’ approach to
providing solutions has proved to be the most advantageous to customers
of these partner companies, allowing the developers of each individual
solution to perfect the offering and deliver excellence to an expanding
user base.”

“No other technology companies have invested as much in research and
development and manpower to serve their customers,” said Sales
Simplicity’s Barry Forbes. “Our commitment to this industry is
unrivaled, and we invite home builders to thoroughly review the
competitive landscape of software solutions, because we are confident
they will select our solution set as the clear and obvious choice.”

About Sales Simplicity

Sales Simplicity’s highly intuitive CRM system offers features similar
but Sales
CRM is tightly integrated into Sales Simplicity’s
award-winning, Cloud-based, sales-automation platform, and the entire
system has been specifically envisioned for home builders. Since Sales
is already linked deeply into Facebook,
and other social media systems, users of Sales Simplicity’s new CRM
features will immediately benefit from single-platform,
dash-board-driven campaign management tools linked directly to web
analysis, eMarketing, lead management, follow-ups, and new prospects.

Sales Simplicity, based in Chandler, Arizona, is the creator and
marketer of leading Sales Automation, Content Management, Lead
Management, eMarketing and Reporting Management tools for new
single-family, semi-custom and custom homes; condo, multi-family,
realtor and senior living providers. For more information about Sales
Simplicity, call (480) 892-2500 or visit


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