to Teach Americans How to Cut Costs

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With a great deal of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, it’s no
wonder that so many consumers are eager to find savings wherever they
can. Everyday expenses add up to large monthly bills, so reducing costs
with discounted and free products can ease financial strain.
helps consumers discover that perfect deal while taking the burden off
their checkbooks.

Over 20 million Americans have redeemed free samples through the web
property Get
It Free
(a subsidiary of Zeeto),
while simultaneously discovering links to helpful discounts and other
curated deals. In 2015, Get it Free’s revenues surpassed $40
million, paving the way for its next growth stage.

Under CEO Stephan Goss’s leadership, Zeeto is partnering in a joint
venture with Josh Ogle and Benjamin Stein—two advertising veterans with
extensive experience building lifetime customer value—to expand Get
It Free
alongside its sister site,

These two properties will form the standalone company,,
with Zeeto contributing the existing, valuable property and Josh and Ben
contributing significant capital. Josh will lead the team as Chief
Executive Officer, while Ben will execute long-term vision as Chief
Product Officer. Together with Stephan as company Founder, Josh and Ben
will develop a comprehensive set of tools and services to help Americans
effectively save.

Get it Free regularly sees over 60,000 daily registrations. This
renewed focus will boost revenue per user over 20x by deploying Zeeto’s
SaaS technology and developing increased long-term user engagement.
Eighteen-month company value is expected to surge to 10x its current

“Bringing in Josh and Ben to run this newly independent company changes
the game for,” said Zeeto CEO Stephan Goss.

“We’re excited to turn into a brand recognized by folks
across the country as a place where they can always expect to find new
ways to save,” said Samples CEO Josh Ogle.

While and Get It Free will remain great places
to find free and discounted products, 2016 will see
grow into a destination where anyone can develop the mentality it takes
to save.

About is the source for consumers to save big by claiming
free product samples, discovering amazing deals, and learning how to
apply money-saving techniques to their everyday lives. Users are
delighted by the free products can provide through its
partner relationships, and’s partners are similarly
delighted by the insights they receive about the individuals who enjoy
their products.

About Zeeto:

Zeeto is a SaaS company that offers clients a specialized, proprietary
ad platform to power their visitor sign-up process and monetize the
registration flow. Using cutting-edge technology, custom in-house
analytics and optimization algorithms, the product delivers a dynamic
user experience, giving clients the highest quality inventory. These
algorithms determine the right questions to ask, at the right time, and
analyze responses in order to show the most relevant advertisements
possible, while improving the user experience. Participating clients
also have access to the Zeeto Ad Exchange, giving them extensive
inventory to choose from at their discretion.

Recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company, the 2014 &
2015 Top Workplace in San Diego by the San Diego Union Tribune and the
#2 Best Place to Work in San Diego by the SD Business Journal, we have
some of the most creative minds and talented people in the industry.


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