Samuel & Stein and Pelton & Associates, P.C.: Arch Diner and Floridian Diner Might Be Violating Federal and State Labor Laws

Samuel & Stein and Pelton & Associates, P.C., New York City-based law firms that specialize in protecting the rights of working people throughout New York, are currently investigating possible federal and state labor law violations committed by two Brooklyn restaurants, Arch Diner and Floridian Diner. The potential violations involve the failure of the Diners to pay their workers overtime premiums and minimum wages, as well as a bonus for working shifts lasting longer than 10 hours.

Samuel & Stein and Pelton & Associates, P.C., have successfully handled hundreds of wage-related cases, both on an individual and class action basis. These attorneys are currently litigating a case against two Queens diners, Georgia Diner and Fabulous Nevada Diner, for violations of federal and state law, and the attorneys suspect that both Arch Diner and Floridian Diner may also be in violation of the same laws. The case against Georgia Diner and Fabulous Nevada Diner is entitled Andrew Kim, Gregorio Lopic, et al. v. Nevada Diner, Inc. d/b/a Fabulous Nevada Diner, Diskal, Inc. d/b/a Georgia Diner, and Dimitrios Kaloidis (14-cv-1484). If either Arch Diner or Floridian Diner has failed to follow the law, employees are entitled to receive their back wages as well as double-damages for their willful misconduct.

If you or someone you know has worked at either Arch Diner or Floridian Diner, you should immediately contact the experienced lawyers at Samuel & Stein at (212) 563-9884 or Pelton & Associates, P.C. at (212) 385-9700. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential, and Samuel & Stein and Pelton & Associates, P.C., provide a free, no-obligation consultation. It does not matter if you are undocumented or were paid in cash.