Save Our Water and Plant California Partner to Promote California-Friendly Landscaping This Fall

Outdoor Water Saving is Major Focus of “Water Conservation: It’s For
Life” Campaign

Our Water
, California’s official statewide water conservation
education program, has partnered with Plant California to encourage
Californians to “reimagine your landscape” and conserve water with
California-friendly yards this fall.
is an initiative and resource of the California Association of Nurseries
and Garden Centers (CANGC) dedicated to inspiring and educating
Californians to plant something.

The partnership comes as Save Our Water continues with its “Water
Conservation: It’s For Life” public education campaign which takes a
positive approach to encourage Californians to continue to conserve and
make permanent changes to save water as part of the “California
Lifestyle.” Save Our Water and Plant California are sharing and
promoting gardening tips and projects on their websites and social media
platforms to demonstrate best practices for being a more water wise
gardener, including beautiful and hardy low water use plants and the
water saving benefits of mulch and organic fertilizer.

“Californians have made great strides in saving water during the drought
and are looking for more creative and permanent ways to conserve around
their homes,” said Jennifer Persike, Deputy Executive Director of
External Affairs and Member Services of the Association of California
Water Agencies. “Save Our Water’s partnership with Plant California will
allow both programs to reach more Californians with the message that
fall is the best time to plant.”

Early fall is the ideal time to plant in most regions of California –
planting in fall helps roots establish before the summer heat returns
and allows winter rains to water thirsty young plants. Trees, shrubs and
certain edibles and perennials do best when planted during fall. Plant
California’s fall
planting guide
is a great tool for Californians looking to rethink
their landscape before winter.

“California-friendly plants save water and also clean the air, add to
the value of homes and properties, cut energy costs, and make California
more beautiful,” said Chris Zanobini, President of CANGC. “Save Our
Water, Plant California and your local nursery or garden center are
great resources for Californians looking for a more water wise

Throughout the drought, Save Our Water has aimed to give Californians
tools and tips to help everyone easily conserve at home and at work,
every day. Save Our Water connects with Californians on its Facebook
page, Twitter
and Instagram

Save Our Water is a statewide program aimed at helping Californians
make permanent changes to reduce their everyday water use. Save Our
Water is a partnership between the
of California Water Agencies
and the California
Department of Water Resources


Association of California Water Agencies/Save Our Water
916-441-4545 or 916-296-3981 (cell)
of Water Resources
Ed Wilson, 916-651-7512