Schools Need Tools That Make Teachers’ Jobs Easier in Real-Time To Raise ROI and ROL in EdTech

DULLES, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#1to1–The proliferation of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and one-to-one (1:1)
in K-12 classrooms continues to escalate, with profound impacts on the
structure of the classroom and the delivery of lesson plans.

In a 2015
teacher survey
by the Consortium for School Networking, 55% expected
two or more devices per student in three years, and 20% expected three
or more. In a March
2016 teacher study
by Market Intel Group, 91% said technology helps
them tailor lessons and assignments to individuals’ needs, while 47%
believe “more or better technology is a most important element to
achieving their ideal classroom.”

“EdTech produces gains only if it makes the delivery of education more
impactful without overwhelming the user,” explained George
, CEO and co-founder of Verite Educational Systems Inc. “To
maximize ROI, school leaders must track whether EdTech tools are
achieving the desired return-on-learning and whether they can be
integrated and operated with ease.”

a teacher-controlled, no-device-download technology for Internet
management developed by Verite, offers special features that give
teachers the minute-to-minute, 360° control they need to keep students
on-task in connected classrooms. NetRef’s features help teachers easily
link in all devices, facilitate blended learning, and manage classrooms
independent of the IT staff. Reports by class or school help
administrators evaluate how the tools are being used by teachers. From
real-time visuals on student Internet activity to customized reports to
website blocking, NetRef allows teachers to:

  1. Monitor individual devices in real time;
  2. Customize blended learning with tailored access by student or group;
  3. Implement multi-subject lesson plans simultaneously;
  4. Reinforce good learning habits, with immediate activity notification
    and Internet use reports;
  5. Facilitate independent or small group study;
  6. Mitigate exposure to inappropriate content with alerts when students
    are off-network; and,
  7. Generate aggregate reports across grades, departments or school-wide
    for smart budgeting decisions.

When Dotterer couldn’t find a solution to protect his 12-year-old son
online, he and his team designed NetRef to help keep children safe. With
seamless and simple integration, NetRef offers umbrella protection
across all systems, hardware and devices, minimizing distractions for

NetRef and Verite Educational Systems

Easy to use and integrate, NetRef is a new Internet management tool that
helps teachers and students get down to the job of learning by managing
access to the Internet on any device. Now operating in schools in ten
states, NetRef allows schools to maximize their tech investment. Verite
Educational Systems is a spin-out of Verite Group, which for over 12
years has provided Subject Matter Expert (SME) services, tailored tech
solutions and managed network infrastructure for government programs and
corporations. Learn more at,
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