Second-Generation SmartCharge Light Seeking IndieGoGo Supporters to Fund Mass Production

Battery-Powered, Innovative LED Light Ideal for Power Outages

MATTHEWS, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With thousands of homes affected by the weekend power outages across the
eastern half of the U.S., the SmartCharge Light may be the ideal
lighting source for future emergencies.

SmartCharge Light is preparing its second-generation of energy efficient
LED Light Bulbs for shipment later this spring, with initial samples
already in hand. The second-generation product builds on the success
with the SmartCharge Light, the world’s only light bulb with “Switch and
Grid Sensor” technology that enables the switch to operate normally (on/
off) even when the power is out. And it provides up to four hours of
backup light thanks to a built-in battery.

“Significant improvements are coming for SmartCharge 2.0. Nearly twice
as bright at 650 lumens as the original SmartCharge light bulb,
SmartCharge 2.0 will also carry a lower suggested retail price less than
$25. With the 2.0 version of SmartCharge, one wall switch can now
control multiple bulbs on a circuit,” explains Shaliendra Suman, CEO of
SmartCharge Light parent company TVL International, a Matthews, North
Carolina leader in intelligent connected devices. “The bulb works on all
supply voltages between 110V and 240V, so it can be used in any country
in the world. The consumer can also put the bulb in charge-only mode,
where the back-up battery is recharged without the bulb being lit.”

IndieGoGo Campaign Underway

“We’re now operating a crowdfunding
campaign on IndieGoGo
to raise the $50,000 needed to put the product
into mass production, and we’re very pleased with initial reaction to
our second generation SmartCharge product,” Suman said. SmartCharge has
applicable UL, CE, FCC and ROHS certifications and the company is
looking for distributors all over the world. A limited number of samples
are available for distributors to test.

The SmartCharge LED Bulb looks like a normal light bulb from the
outside, but it has technology built inside to enable wall switch
control of the lights even when the power is out with no extra wiring
required. SmartCharge lets the consumer have light during a power outage
when it’s needed such as during the recent winter storm in the eastern
part of the United Stated and also conserve battery power to extend the
time that light from the SmartCharge Bulb is available.

TVL shipped more than 8,000 first-generation SmartCharge Light Bulbs to
customers in more than 30 countries and last November in California, the
SmartCharge won the National
Sustainability Award
in the Cleantech Open Global Forum – the
world’s largest accelerator of early-stage clean-technology companies.
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