Shiseido Wins the Poster Award at the 29th IFSCC Congress in Orlando

-The 6th Consecutive IFSCC Award-

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Shiseido Company, Limited won the Poster Award at the IFSCC*1
Congress 2016, held from October 30 to November 2, 2016 in Orlando, USA.
IFSCC is recognized as the world’s most authoritative meeting, where
researchers share their latest findings in the field of cosmetic
science. Among the total of approximately 420 distinguished papers
(about 70 Podium Presentation papers and about 350 Poster Presentation
papers), the following research paper entitled “Discovery of novel skin
aging mechanism: ‘dermal cavitation*2‘” was considered the
most meritorious poster presentation paper.


  IFSCC (The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic
Chemists): An international organization dedicated to the
development of highly functional and safe cosmetic technology
through the world-wide cooperation of cosmetic societies.


Mechanism that the dermal layer in the skin becomes hollowed out and
replaced by fat with age.

IFSCC Poster Award

Title   The sweat gland as a breakthrough target for anti-aging skin care

Discovery of novel skin aging mechanism: “dermal cavitation”

Presenter Tomonobu Ezure, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Shiseido Life Science
Research Center

Shiseido had earlier discovered the cavitation of the dermal layer
and that people with more advanced “cavitation of the dermal
layer” experience facial sagging to a greater extent, however, the
cause remained unclear. This time, the company was the first in
the world to find out that the shrinkage of sweat glands, which
produce sweat, is significant in the area with the cavitation of
the dermal layer. Shiseido now aims to apply these findings,
clarifying that the shrinkage of sweat glands plays a key role in
cavitation of the dermal layer, to the development of new skin
care products.


Achieved the Largest Number of IFSCC Awards
IFSCC is held to present
the world’s cutting-edge technologies related to cosmetics and skin,
which are strictly evaluated by such criteria as novelty, independence,
scientific evidence, and others. IFSCC Congress is held once every two
years and an IFSCC Conference is held between Congresses. This time,
Shiseido won the sixth consecutive IFSCC Awards, from 24th to 29th IFSCC
Congresses, and with the awards won at the ”IFSCC Conferences”, the
company has won 24 awards (including 4 honorary mentions) in total,
which is the largest number received by a cosmetics company in the
world. The winner, Tomonobu Ezure received the award at the two
consecutive Congresses, 28th and 29th and became
the world-first IFSCC presenter to win two IFSCC awards in a row.
Previously awarded technologies by Shiseido include “Smudge-proof
lipstick”, “Water-resistant sunscreen removable by soap”, and many
others that led to the development of cosmetic products now in use by
consumers around the globe.



Shiseido Corporate Website: Introducing IFSCC Research Awards


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