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SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As appearance plays an important role to have competitive force,
procedures to make a baby face are popular along with other ones to make
beautiful or handsome face. Especially, it is a trend that more people
prefer petit plastic surgery than technical plastic surgery as they want
to have better appearance fast and simply.

TL Plastic Surgery Korea recommends the power V contouring as a way to
recover V line in the face and to make a small and slim baby face
without having a bone surgery.

‘Petit plastic surgery,’ filling the insufficient part,
reducing the excessive part

Filler, the representative petit plastic surgery, creates volume on flat
forehead with a simple injection and fills deep hollow lines and cheeks
with an instant result. By adding volume to short chin to make a
volumetric V line face, it can complete a slim baby face.

Botox is injected to a muscle of mastication forming a square jaw to
make a chin line slim. Petit plastic surgery such as filler or Botox is
effective if it is applied to face that looks older with a big and flat
face even though cheek or square jaw is not excessively large.

‘Power V contouring’ effective for face reduction without bone surgery

The power V contouring performs liposuction and make a V line and this V
line lifting procedure make an elastic chin line by adding collagen
tightening effects with accusculpt that uses acculaser

This method removes fat in chin line and jowl not from bone to create a
face reduction effect and since it removes fat while lifting SMAS layer
at the same time, the part from which fat is removed is lifted without
any empty space creating a smaller and sharper chin line.

It takes about 1 hour and it does not need any bone surgery so that it
attracts people who want fast effects without worrying about incision or

The power V contouring can deliver very natural results because it
maintains the facial ratio of a patient instead of touching any farcical
bone. But, since this procedure is a very difficult surgery to lift from
the part connecting bones and skin tissues deep in the skin to skin
layer step by step, it is desired to undergo a surgery from skilled
doctors with sufficient know-how.


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