Smart Home Technology Offers Disabled Veterans Greater Independence in Their Homes

Disabled U.S. Air Force combat controller gains life-changing level
of freedom

PROVO, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Despite efforts to be as active and independent as possible, disabled
veterans are often limited in their own homes. Routine tasks can become
difficult, such as answering the door when someone rings the doorbell or
adjusting the thermostat.

In the U.S., four million veterans have disabilities as a result of a
disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service,
according to the U.S.
Census Bureau
. Smart home technology can make it easier for disabled
veterans to secure and control their homes.

Vivint Smart Home customer Jack
joined the United States Air Force in 1997, and served six
tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, before joining one of the most
elite units in the military as an Air Force special operations combat
controller. During a parachuting exercise, he sustained a spinal cord
injury due to an equipment malfunction. Paralyzed from the neck down,
Fanning is now a C4 incomplete quadriplegic.

With limited mobility, Fanning became totally reliant on his caregivers
to manage how he functioned in his own home, which he had to leave
unlocked at all times so caregivers could come and go as needed. No
longer able to control his internal temperature, Fanning was often too
cold or too hot, but couldn’t easily adjust the thermostat.

Fanning now uses the Vivint Smart Home app to lock his front door and
adjust the thermostat with a simple tap of his special stylus, or he
just uses voice commands to his Amazon Echo. He has created door codes
for each of his caregivers, so he doesn’t have to leave his home
unsecured, giving him greater peace of mind. For Fanning, Vivint’s smart
home technology has brought a life-changing level of freedom, control
and independence, not only within his own home, but also anywhere he
takes his Apple iPad.

“Vivint has really changed my life and improved my way of living,”
Fanning said. “My chair is tricked out with all these things I can do,
and now I have a smart home to go along with that.”

Watch a video of Fanning’s experience with smart home technology at

Fanning is a cofounder of Brothers
, a non-profit organization focused on providing healing and
fellowship for wounded veterans, first responders and their families.

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