So Naturally Beautiful, People Won’t Even Know (You Had Plastic Surgery)

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A small and slim face is what everyone wants to have. It is because a
slim and smooth face shape is an important element that decides the
overall image of the face.

A projected cheekbone or a square and wide jaw may create tough and
manly image. The facial bone contouring surgery such as malar reduction
or square jaw surgery is popular as a way to have a smooth, sharp and
slim face shape like ‘Alphabet V.’

But, it is not good to consider it as a simple surgery to reduce the
face size and create a V line. It is risky because it may have effects
not only on external parts but also on functional matters.

It is like designing the original face shape into a completely new one.
It may cause too artificial and unnatural face shape if any mistake is

TL Plastic Surgery Korea points out that patients need to be more
careful when selecting a surgery method and a surgeon as numerous nerves
and blood vessels pass the face and it may cause bleeding, pain or
sensory disorder as well as malocclusion or face asymmetry.

‘Long curve square jaw reduction’ and tightening 3D malar reduction can
make a natural, small and slim face shape.

Long curve square jaw reduction can correct from square jaw below ear to
side chin line, making both front and profile look slim. By extending
the cutting line to the square jaw front to prevent the second angle, it
can complete a natural chin line.

Tightening 3D malar reduction can improve skin elasticity by reducing
the cheekbone while closely fixing upward. It can create a small face
effect as well as prevent droopy cheek while enabling the patient to
recover fast with minimized swelling or bruise because of no fraction of

To create a natural and beautiful face shape, various elements such as
appearance ratio and facial volume shall be considered before surgery.
Currently many people show thoughtlessly their interest in the facial
bone contouring surgery because of its remarkable beauty effect. But,
the patient’s burden might be bigger so that it is very important to
select a reliable plastic surgery that can deliver effective results by
applying good surgery methods.


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