SOASTA Announces the Consumer Performance Index to Measure How Website Performance Impacts Consumer Engagement

Score Reveals the Satisfaction of Website Visitors with their User

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics, announced today the
Consumer Performance Index (CPI), a new way to benchmark how well a
website engages consumers.

The SOASTA CPI is a metric that evaluates website performance as
measured by user engagements to provide a single effectiveness score.
The CPI doesn’t just measure speed—it also evaluates user reaction via
bounce rate. With the CPI, SOASTA measures the experience of a digital
site by benchmarking it against real user performance data from
high-traffic Internet sites monitored by SOASTA, including 41 of the Top
100 Internet retailers, and condensing it into a single score to help
businesses determine how their website performance impacts consumer

SOASTA is also releasing today the results of a survey evaluating
consumer attitudes about website performance indices like the CPI. The
survey found that:

  • 70% of Americans’ browsing behavior would be affected if websites had
    performance “grades,” and that percentage increases to 81% of the
    Millennial women polled.
  • 53% of Millennial women said they would skip online shopping sites
    with poor grades, and, conversely, 56% said they would do more
    shopping on sites with good grades.
  • 42% of Millennial women said they would think less of tech companies
    whose sites had poor performance grades.

Today’s Key Differentiator: Performance

Performance is now the critical differentiator for brands across the
globe in all industries. The SOASTA CPI functions as a “universal
translator,” enabling businesses to quickly see their performance
compared to that of top-performing brands. As improvement projects are
undertaken, companies can monitor the CPI score to determine if their
efforts are actually helping to improve consumer engagement.

Using the SOASTA CPI, companies can determine:

  • If optimization projects are improving consumer engagement
  • How a site is performing compared to the sites of top-performing brands
  • How to improve revenue and conversion
  • What website efforts to prioritize – performance or functionality?

The CPI focuses on the interaction between a site and its visitors.
Rather than just looking at the speed that a page renders, it looks at
how users respond to the digital experience. This is significant because
a faster and more responsive site engages its users and increases

“Because the CPI measures how a site’s speed and responsiveness
influence engagement and, ultimately, conversion rates, we are able to
provide a metric that helps online businesses determine the best way to
optimize their sites and, as a result, increase revenue,” explained Tom
Lounibos, CEO and Co-Founder, SOASTA. “The SOASTA CPI delivers
information about how a consumer will respond, not just about how fast a
site is delivered. Knowing page load times is just one piece of the
optimization puzzle.”

The SOASTA CPI: One Unique Metric for Visibility and Goal Setting

Most businesses simply measure the speed of their website and app using
a simulation of users against their site. With the SOASTA CPI, however,
they can determine how consumers are responding to their sites based on
behavior on many sites with comparative response times. In addition,
because the CPI condenses both site performance and consumer engagement
into a single score, users of the CPI can easily gauge web performance
without having to look at multiple data points. This also helps ensure
that performance is optimized for all devices.

“In today’s performance-driven business environment, you’re not
competing with another company – you’re really competing for the
consumer’s time and attention. Companies will be well served to
understand how effectively their websites engage with consumers at
large,” said R “Ray” Wang, Constellation Research’s CEO and best-selling

To find out more about SOASTA CPI, visit this site:


SOASTA is the leader in performance analytics. The SOASTA platform
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including 41 of the Top 100 Internet Retailers, such as Target,
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