SOASTA Stats: How High-Tech Is Star Trek Online?

As the release of Star Trek Beyond approaches, which Star
Trek-related sites stand ready for the fan traffic? George Takei’s is
ready—William Shatner’s, not so much

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics, has used its Consumer
Performance Index (CPI) to determine which Star Trek-related websites
are optimized to handle additional fan traffic as the release of “Star
Trek Beyond” takes off July 22. The Consumer Performance Index, which
measures website performance and user engagement, found that could perform better, while the Paramount website is in
good shape, as is actor George Takei’s. William Shatner’s site, on the
other hand, could use some help—currently, it doesn’t generate enough
traffic to place in the top 1,000,000 global sites and therefore
couldn’t even be measured.

SOASTA used its CPI to measure the scores of websites popular with Star
Trek fans to determine their performance and ability to withstand the
increased traffic that will accompany the upcoming release. The
Paramount website travels at warp speed, with a CPI score of 71 (of
100). The site might need its warp core recalibrated,
however: with third-party app performance issues and faltering load
times, its CPI score was only 64. had a low CPI score of
43, classifying it as a website that was too slow, while
came in at 68. Fan site was the highest-rated and
therefore best-performing Star Trek-related website in SOASTA’s study,
with a CPI score of 85.

Meanwhile, a decades’ old rivalry extends onto the internet, where
George Takei’s website, with a CPI score of 71, easily out-paces that of
his off-screen costar William Shatner when it comes to more visitors and
better online presence, since Shatner’s website doesn’t receive enough
traffic to even be measured.

SOASTA discovered that web and app performance is important to fans when
they commissioned the Harris Poll in advance of the December 2015
release of Star Wars the Force Awakens. SOASTA learned that SciFi fans
will be counting on website performance to watch new movie trailers (45
percent), get updates on the movie (33 percent) and read movie reviews
(33 percent).

Considering how many Star Treks fans will be counting on online
performance to get ready for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond release, fans
should be advised that visiting websites that SOASTA’s CPI rated highly,
including Paramount’s website, George Takei’s website and fansite, will offer more reliable performance experiences
than those with low CPI scores.

“Just like your own digital Starship, your modern applications need to
be able to go beyond online performance expectations, tuned for the
demands of the digital age,” said Ann Ruckstuhl, CMO of SOASTA. “Web and
mobile app performance matters more to your business performance than
ever before. It’s true for entertainment websites catering to
moviegoers, yes, but is even more important for ecommerce sites. It’s
critical that sites have real-time visibility into the user experience
so online businesses can ‘live long and prosper.’”

In conjunction with this finding, SOASTA has partnered with Instart
Logic to present a series of Star Trek Beyond screenings—ahead of the
official release—in select cities around the country this month.
Attendees will leave with a gift and be entered to win an iPad Pro.


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