Sobieski Vodka, the #1 Rye Vodka in the U.S., is Changing the Conversation about Vodka by Putting the Focus Back on Ingredients and What’s Really in the Bottle

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Consumers are wrongly told vodka is flavorless and colorless; shelves of
vodka at markets and stores have been focused on price and brand, not
what it’s made of. With so many types of vodka in the spirits market,
such as rye, corn, potato, wheat and other grains, consumers are
confused by the variety of choices arranged by price, without knowledge
of ingredients. Knowing what their vodka is made of impacts the taste
and texture that consumers desire. With Sobieski, the #1 rye vodka in
the U.S., the emphasis is on the quality and authenticity of the
product. Driven by the growing importance of ingredients, Sobieski
demonstrates just that to the consumer market.

Sobieski Vodka is produced exclusively from 100% pure selected rye at
the Starogard Gdański distillery in Gdański, Poland, at the country’s
northern, Baltic coast (est. 1846). Rectified at Poland’s tallest
rectification tower for maximum purity and smoothness, Sobieski vodka’s
rye ingredient notes an attractive aroma of fresh honeysuckle and lemon;
it is velvety and rich, with delightfully complex notes of citrus and
nuts. The finish is not only clean, but smooth, making it perfect both
on the rocks and in signature cocktails. Rye vodka is full of character,
which is why Sobieski is a carefully crafted vodka, perfect for the
consumer market. The high quality, rye vodka is then continuously
distilled for purity, as well as smooth texture.

Sobieski has a diverse portfolio of flavors: orange, citron, raspberry
and vanilla, meeting the demand for flavored vodkas within the spirits
industry. Keeping with the authenticity of the brand, these flavors are
natural and can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks or with a variety of
cocktail mixes. Each flavor is 100% pure selected rye vodka, creating a
smooth base for all of the flavors to uniquely shine. The orange,
citron, raspberry and vanilla flavors have a premium quality, at a
reasonable price, making them even more ideal for handcrafted cocktails,
as well as drinks calling for elegant notes of flavor:

  • Orange: Sobieski Orange has a refreshing citrus scent, with a blend of
    the fruit’s sweet and sour tang, leaving the palate with an intense,
    yet clean finish.
  • Citron: As zesty and crisp to the nose, the bold, juicy taste of
    Sobieski Citron leads to a fresh and irresistibly smooth finish.
  • Raspberry: Sobieski Raspberry provides a fresh awakening to tastebuds,
    from its fresh nose to the sweet berry finish.
  • Vanilla: with mellow brown sugar and hazelnut tones on the nose with a
    rich, buttery texture, Sobieski Vanilla brings a sweet beginning and
    reveals a subtle caramel finish.

Sobieski Vodka and all of the four core flavors retail for $11.75 for
750 ml and $18 for 1L. Sobieski Vodka will continue to exceed
expectations by continuously growing and becoming more innovative within
the spirits market.

About Sobieski Vodka: Sobieski Vodka, the #1 rye vodka in the
U.S., makes no compromise on quality and exemplifies the height of
craftsmanship and authenticity. Building on a noble heritage, Sobieski
Vodka is produced exclusively from rye at the Starogard Gdanski
distillery dating back to 1846. For more information and brand news,
please visit
and follow us @SobieskiVodka on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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