Southeastern Grocers Launches its Largest-Ever Transformation of New Private Label Products

Grocer develops thousands of new products offering great value and
stunning quality

  • Southeastern Grocers has embarked on the transformation of its range
    of private label products, which currently spans approximately 3,000
    items across all categories.
  • Southeastern Grocers has tested more than 2,330 products and made over
    2,260 quality improvements, reinforcing their commitment to great
    products at affordable prices.
  • Southeastern Grocers developed a test kitchen and sensory lab tasting
    facility to capture valuable consumer insights.
  • Southeastern Grocers introduces three new brands: SE Grocers Essentials,
    SE Grocers and Prestige.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Southeastern Grocers (SEG), home of BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys
and Winn-Dixie stores, announces its largest-ever transformation of
private label product, which will span approximately 3,000 items across
all categories throughout each banner specific store throughout 2017.

To date, Southeastern Grocers has tested more than 2,330 own brand
items, which led to improved quality reformulations on more than 2,260
products, and over the next year, the roll-out across all stores will
provide superior quality, greater value and differentiation to customers
without increasing the price.

Ian McLeod, President and CEO of Southeastern Grocers said, “Not
only are we transforming by investing in our stores and in lower prices,
but we are also investing in the quality of our products. I am pleased
to announce our largest-ever program of product development, with the
launch of three new and refreshed Southeastern Grocers brands – SE
Grocers Essentials, SE Grocers and Prestige.

“By purchasing new Southeastern Grocers own brand items, customers will
enjoy known brand quality at own brand price savings between 20% and 30%
on their groceries… and if you don’t agree, then you can have the own
brand product on us! We are committed to providing quality products to
our customers!”

Southeastern Grocers is also launching three new, exciting brands which
will be appearing in store through the coming months. These new brands

  • SE Grocers Essentials – Dependable quality at an affordable
    price. These products offer honest, everyday value for all customers
    looking for reliable, budget household basics.
  • SE Grocers – If you can’t taste the difference, why pay the
    difference? These products have been developed to quality benchmarks
    as close, if not better than the taste and quality currently offered
    by the established brands already in the market but at significantly
    lower prices.
  • Prestige – Prestige offers an indulgent experience, at an
    incredible price. Our Prestige brand offers our customers a selection
    of specialty and indulgent products at a price that is still
    affordable. Our Prestige Ice Cream has already been awarded “Best
    French Vanilla Ice Cream” in America.

Southeastern Grocers has put its focus on improving the overall quality
of the own brand products offered across the four grocery brands in the
southeast, including the development of a test kitchen and sensory lab
tasting facility at their Florida headquarters.

The SEG Sensory Lab has been utilized to conduct both product
development and consumer taste-testing trials throughout
the year to capture valuable insights on its own brand product line.

Some of the new and improved products to land on the shelf this month

  • SE Grocers Popcorn – Cheddar, White Cheddar, Salt & Black Pepper, and
    Sea Salt
  • Prestige Popcorn – Caramel and Chicago Mix
  • SE Grocers Potato Chips – 21 varieties across numerous flavors that
    include traditional favorites like Regular and Sea Salt, along with
    unique flavors like Jamaican Jerk, Sriracha Wavy, Dill Pickle, Ranch,
    Chile Limon, Maui Onion and many more.
  • SE Grocers Essentials – 107 products will land on shelves through

Southeastern Grocers understands customers are seeking fresh, healthy,
affordable food, which has led to substantial enhancements across the
entire own brand product line, including:

  • Over 2,280 products with no artificial colors
  • Over 2,160 products with no artificial flavors
  • Over 2,650 products with no MSG
  • Over 2,640 products with no trans fat
  • Over 2,240 products with no high fructose corn syrup

For more information about the SE Grocers private label product line, go
online to BI-LO,
and Winn-Dixie.

About Southeastern Grocers

Southeastern Grocers, LLC, is the fifth-largest conventional supermarket
chain in the U.S. and the second-largest conventional supermarket in the
southeast based on store count. The company employs nearly 60,000
associates who serve customers in grocery stores, liquor stores and
in-store pharmacies throughout the seven southeastern states of Alabama,
Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South
Carolina. BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys and Winn-Dixie are well-known and
well-respected regional brands with deep heritages, strong neighborhood
ties, proud histories of giving back, talented and loyal associates, and
strong commitments to providing the best possible quality and value to
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