Square Roots Invests in the First “Birth Bonds”

New initiative to employ Community Health Workers throughout the

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Square Roots, a mission-driven company focused on defining and
empowering healthy birth, introduces the Birth Bonds Initiative to
reduce disparities in birth across the U.S. by investing in community
health workers.

By collaborating with Ancient Song Doula Services, a non-profit
organization providing doula services to low income families and at-risk
mothers, Square Roots is supporting holistic methods, trainings, and

“The dynamics within our communities move faster than our solutions.
Birth Bonds invest in two principles. No mother should go through
pregnancy alone, and no community member is more valuable to mom than
the community health worker,” said Morad Fareed, Founder and Chief
Executive Officer of Square Roots
. “How can we invest in
strengthening these bonds now?”

“Too often, families with the greatest need receive the least support,”
said Chanel Porchia-Albert CD, CLC, CHHC, Founder of Ancient Song
Doula Services and Square Roots Advisory Board Member.
strategic investments and public-private partnerships, Square Roots is
working to ensure all mothers receive the quality care they need and
deserve, and we are proud to be a part of this movement.”

Birth Bonds will also continue to support key non-profit organizations,
including Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization dedicated to
making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. “The funding we
receive from organizations like Square Roots allows us to continue to
educate the public about the importance of improving access to quality
care through programs like Ancient Songs Doula Services. Through our
running program, social media initiatives, and our ‘Giving Birth in
America’ film series we are raising awareness of this important issue.
Square Roots’ Birth Bond Initiative has the power to positively impact
the lives of so many mothers and infants by strengthening programs on
the ground in vulnerable communities,” said Christy Turlington Burns,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Every Mother Counts.

About Square Roots

Square Roots (www.squareroots.com)
is a mission-driven company focused on defining and empowering healthy
birth. By integrating new technology and scientific findings with
intelligent partnerships from medicine to policy to maternal care
takers, Square Roots brings needed solutions and resources to the most
critical period of life: our beginning. We identify the highest impact
programs and tools that have a proven health impact for mothers and
coordinate the distribution of these programs and tools between
academia, policy, public agencies, and private companies.

Follow Square Roots on Twitter with @SquareRootsLife and on Facebook and
Instagram with @SquareRootsBirth.

About Ancient Song Doula Services

Ancient Song Doula Services (www.ancientsongdoulaservices.com)
was founded in the Fall of 2008 with the goal to offer quality Doula
Services to Women of Color and Low Income Families who otherwise would
not be able to afford Doula Care. Over the course of six years we have
grown to offer trainings and workshops, midwifery care, well woman
services, and advocacy through community engagement and campaigns to
address the lack of resources to communities of color.

Ever enduring is our commitment to lower the Infant Mortality & Maternal
Morbidity Rate through collective work and offering resources to the
families and community that we serve information to make informed
decisions about the care they receive. Our approach comes from a
Holistic and Traditional foundation intertwining that with modern
modalities realizing that in order to move on in the future we must not
forget the foundation that has been left for us to continue to build on.

Ancient Song Doula Services mission is to offer all women regardless of
their socioeconomic standing quality Doula Care and empower young
mothers to make healthy choices in their lives. Ancient Song is
committed to the lowering of the Infant Mortality Rate by changing the
way mothers view birthing, advocating on behalf of all mothers, and
challenging the current healthcare systems quality of care regardless of
one’s socioeconomic standing.

Follow Ancient Song Doula Services on Twitter with @AncientSong7, on
Facebook with @AncientSongDoulaServices, and Instagram with @ancientsong.

About Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts (www.everymothercounts.org) is
a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth
safe for every mother. Every Mother Counts informs, engages, and
mobilizes new audiences to take action to deliver life-saving care
around the world.

Every Mother Counts makes pregnancy and motherhood in safer in Haiti,
Uganda, Bangladesh, India, Tanzania, Guatemala, Syria and the United

Follow Every Mother Counts on Twitter & Instagram @EveryMomCounts


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