Goes Live on Kickstarter and the Web

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new STD verification service has gone live. The website, the first of
it’s kind, utilizes a medical chain of custody to allow people to
interact socially while selectively sharing his or her STD status in a
verifiable manner. offers a platform for health-conscious individuals to
share STD status in a manner that suits the client. Additionally, it
offers a way for individuals who are positive for specific chronic
diseases to network in a non-discriminatory way that reduces the chances
of rejection and offers a more enjoyable experience.

The website and database allows the client’s information to be protected
by HIPPA, since the operation involves a strict medical chain-of-custody
from the client’s primary healthcare provider (PCP) to it’s nurses at
STD-Verify, Inc. The website is located on a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
server which ensures encryption and security to the end-user.
Additionally, STD-Verify, Inc. will never release the client’s
information to anyone – not even the government, unless there is valid
warrant documented.

The process to become STD-Verified begins a lot like a sports physical.
The client downloads a Health Status Form from the website that must be
taken to the individual’s PCP. The primary healthcare provider must
witness all laboratory specimens being obtained from the individual and
must verify the individual’s identity, utilizing either some form of
government-issued identification or state-issued driver’s license. The
PCP certifies the results and then sends the paperwork directly to
STD-Verify, where it is verified by a nurse and published either
publicly or privately, according to the end-user’s preference. is live and has a viable prototype website running. On
July 28th STD-Verify, Inc. launched a Kickstarter campaign to
help finalize the website and engage in national marketing. STD-Verify
has become aggressive about member acquisition and encourages the public
to utilize
to help everyone live healthier lives.

For more information or to become a member for free today, visit the
website at


STD-Verify, Inc.
Patrick Gartner, 888-774-6269