Student Success Adds Program Specific for International Students to its Sexual Assault Prevention Suite of Online Programs

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#StudentSuccessStudent
, a provider of online sexual assault prevention and
bystander intervention programs for college students, announced today a
new course, Title IX Essentials for International Students, which
provides international students with background information about
American culture and laws, as well as college-specific rules, pertaining
to Title IX and interpersonal relationships.

“We developed the new course in collaboration with clients nationwide
who want to guide and educate international students as they acclimate
to campus life,” said Dave Stobie, President of Student Success. “Many
international students come from very different cultures where these
issues are seldom discussed, where domestic violence is tolerated, where
behavior that is acceptable in their home country is a violation of U.S.
laws and campus policies, and where women have fewer rights.

“Some students are intimidated by a co-ed campus where parties and
alcohol may present new social challenges and where they may encounter a
‘hook-up’ culture for the first time.

“Once on a U.S. campus, international students need to understand U.S.
laws and legal terms, as well as the important difference between laws
and university policies. Beyond that, they need the guidance offered by
Title IX, namely an understanding of bystander intervention tactics,
active consent requirements, and steps for preventing sexual assault,
dating violence, harassment, and stalking,” said Stobie.

As part of the 30-minute Title IX Essentials for International
course, current international students present personal
experiences and insights that illustrate real-life social issues,
concepts, and actions on U.S. campuses. The program offers pre- and
post-testing of student knowledge as well as the tracking of student

The program is video-based, online and interactive and can be used in
conjunction with other Student Success programs or by itself. The
content is in English, with selectable subtitles in English, Chinese,
Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Spanish
languages. It also meets 508-compliance requirements.

A video overview of the program is available on the
website under the International Student menu option. To view the entire
program, contact David Stobie at
or (314) 495-7241.

About Student Success

educates college and university students at some 200
colleges and universities nationwide about interpersonal violence
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and faculty. All programs feature customizable pre- and post-test
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anticipated behavioral change.

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Dave Stobie, President