Studies Weekly Hosts Flag of Hope Created by Thousands of Hand Impressions from Across the U.S.

Staff and Guests Made Red, White and Blue Impressions

for Hope
, a touring U.S. flag created by thousands of hand and
finger impressions from Americans across the country as a symbol of
unity and patriotism, came to the corporate office of Studies
today where staff members, along with other members of the
community, made their impressions in red, white or blue paint.

Several people from the community, including WordPerfect co-founder Alan
Ashton, added their impressions to the flag.

“We are proud to host the touring Flag of Hope and place our own
impressions upon it,” said Ed Rickers, CEO of Studies Weekly. “It
symbolizes patriotism and a coming together of all people to promote
unity and peace. It aligns well with our support of the Statue of
Responsibility project, which promotes civil responsibility and
participation in our country’s election process.”

During the Flag of Hope exhibit at Studies Weekly, staff members and
guests from the community made impressions upon the flag in either red,
white or blue paint. The new impressions will join those already made by
thousands of Americans from across the U.S.

“The Flag for Hope project is also about honor and respect for men and
women that have proudly worn a United States military uniform and fought
for our freedoms,” said Chris Cavedon, executive director of Flag for
Hope. “Flag for Hope is a reminder that freedom isn’t free. Many have
sacrificed for the privileges that we all have today in this country.
The flag signifies appreciation and gratitude for those individuals who
serve as teachers, police, fire, doctors and nurses – it calls us to
remember all Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice.”

The Flag of Hope aligns with the principles of Studies Weekly’s goal to
increase civic responsibility and encourage students to vote across the

Studies Weekly serves on the Board of the Responsibility Foundation and
organization raising funds to build The Statue of Responsibility, which
will be a sister to the Statue of Liberty, and a symbol representing
liberty and civic responsibility to exercise freedom. It will represent
responsibility to the world. Just as school children collected money to
build the Statue of Liberty, school children across the U.S. will have
the opportunity to raise funds to build the Statue of Responsibility,
which will be same height as the Statue of Liberty. It will be built on
the West Coast, connecting liberty and responsibility together.

Additionally, to underscore its mission of building responsible
citizens, Studies Weekly invites schools throughout the U.S. to enroll
for participation in the largest student mock election in history prior
to the November U.S. presidential campaign.

Through this event and its accompanying curriculum (4 weeks of material
for K-2 and 10 weeks for grades 3-6) students learn civic responsibility
and gain appreciation for the democratic process that governs our
nation. Then, on the mock election day, an interactive map will display
red or blue to designate the leading candidate for each state, with
updated results every 30 seconds until 3:00 p.m. in each state’s
respective time zone.

“The Every
Kid Votes!™
program teaches our students and future
American citizens that they don’t have to wait to be 18 to be heard,”
said Rickers. “Through this program we’re engaging students in
our nation’s most important critical thinking and decision making event.”

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