Study Finds 90% of UK Consumers Are Open to Cooking Meat Products in Packaging

Market research for Bemis OvenRite® shows demographic is
comfortable with in-pack cooking

BRAINE-L’ALLEUD, Belgium–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A recent consumer study commissioned by Bemis, a European market
leader in flexible packaging for meat and cheese, found that the
majority of consumers in the UK region are open to in-pack cooking with
Bemis OvenRite®. Bemis OvenRite® dual-ovenable films aim to reduce food
contamination while providing delicious, convenient meal options for a
variety of markets.

The study, conducted by Campden BRI in June 2016, interviewed over 100
meat eaters between the ages of 20 and 64. Here are few highlights:

  • 90 percent of consumers were open to in-pack cooking made
    possible by OvenRite®
  • 90 percent trusted that the meat will cook properly in the
  • Additionally, 91 percent of study participants said they read
    on-pack directions, making ovenable films both an easily accessible
    and safe way to cook meat.

Moreover, experiencing Bemis OvenRite®, 85% of the consumers confirmed
that cooking in the pack would keep the oven(ware) clean, retain the
meat juices, tenderise and improve flavour and avoid contamination of
the food and environment.

“This consumer study is a direct reflection of consumer demand for
innovative, convenient products,”
said Fabienne Vanhorenbeke, VP
Marketing & Innovation. “Not only does the study prove that
majority of consumers accept the notion of OvenRite®, but it is also an
excellent resource for retailers looking for top-of-the-line products
that appeal to their consumers.”

OvenRite® allows for cooking within the original packaging, keeping the
meat infused with seasoning and sauces intended for enhanced taste.
Packages can accommodate both frozen and fresh meat products, suitable
for sous vide applications with the potential for packaging reduction.

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cooking: Are consumers ready?

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