SuperSuit Introduces World’s First Wearable Gaming Platform With Launch of Indiegogo Campaign

Loaded with 15 different games, the one-size-fits-all suit encourages
kids and adults to bring technology to outdoor play

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IndiegogoSuperSuit,
the world’s first wearable gaming platform, announced today the launch
of its crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo. SuperSuit is a new paradigm
in gaming, filling the gap left by virtual and augmented reality games.
As an alternative to screen-based games, SuperSuit offers kids and
adults a means to socially interact and play via wearable gear in the
physical world.

The Indiegogo campaign will run until November 2, 2016. Backers will
have the opportunity to pledge for a bundle of two SuperSuits starting
at $299, available in black and white.

“We are extremely thrilled to begin our campaign with Indiegogo,” said
Rajat Dhariwal, founder and CEO of SuperSuit. “The fabulous reception we
received at CES earlier this year is a clear indication that more and
more people across the world see wearable gaming technology as a game
changer. The core of SuperSuit revolves around moving gaming outside
from indoors, and it is our primary endeavor to motivate people across
age groups to play with one another. SuperSuit is constantly focusing on
enhancing the gaming experience with its progressive technology, hence
we are looking forward to a great response for SuperSuit which will be
made available on Indiegogo until November this year.”

Users can play up to 15 pre-loaded games with SuperSuit. Games include
well-known formats such as laser tag or capture the flag, along with
games unique to SuperSuit, such as Robinhood, which uses the glove’s
dual triggers to steal resources from the rich team and give to the poor
team. SuperSuit has plans to launch a software development kit (SDK) in
the future to enable developers to create additional games for the
platform. The suit will be compatible with other bots, drones and cars
on the market for a variety of connected ways to play.

The suit comes as a bundle of three components: SuperVest, SuperGlove
and SuperBot. SuperVest is adjustable to fit any kid or adult player,
and equipped with lights and sound. With embedded haptic technology,
users can instantly feel when they have been zapped. SuperGlove utilizes
traditional triggers to zap opponents and has gesture controls to
activate special super powers as the games progress. SuperBot is a
removable unit in the vest, which can act as an ally to zap opponents or
as the object of a game (such as capture the flag).

The complimentary SuperSuit app tracks fitness levels, location, and
allows players to download additional games and share scores. Suits can
last up to four hours of active play per charge through a standard micro
USB charger included in the packaging. SuperSuits can communicate with
one another up to a 100-foot radius.

SuperSuit uses proprietary technology to make it an independent gaming
console which doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to work. Radio
protocol Zi-Fi™ creates a standalone wireless mesh network that allows
suits to communicate with one another without being tethered to a phone
or computer. It is as safe to use as Wi-Fi in terms of radiation. With
no “master” suit, players can move in and out of the field of play
without shutting the game down. ENGaGE™ is the first-ever natural
gesture processing technology optimized for embedded devices, that
recognizes macro gestures across a 3D space to trigger actions in a game
environment and to control bots.

At the close of the campaign, SuperSuit will begin manufacturing the
suits, with funds raised during the campaign going towards production
costs. Units are on schedule to ship to backers in April 2017.

After its debut at CES 2016, SuperSuit attended a variety of leading
conferences in the toy and gaming industry including the Bay Area Maker
Faire and TechCrunch Disrupt. Co-founder Madhumita Halder also spoke on
the experts panel at Digital Kids Summit on the topic of active kids and
the future of connected play in mid-September 2016. The team plans to
continue meeting users and developers at additional conferences in 2017,
including CES in January.

About SuperSuit:

SuperSuit is the world’s first wearable gaming platform – an alternative
to screen-based play to bring video games to life. The unit is
pre-loaded with 15 different games, ranging from popular themes such as
laser tag and capture the flag, to unique games such as Robinhood.

SuperSuit is made up of a SuperVest, SuperGlove and SuperBot, and uses
proprietary technology to advance game play in the real world. Launched
via Indiegogo in fall 2016, SuperSuit fills the gap left by virtual and
augmented reality games to get kids moving, away from screens and
engaged with others.

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