Switchfly Survey: Two-Thirds of US Adults Resolve to Travel More in the New Year

Twice as many Americans want to travel domestically than
internationally and 1-in-5 Millennial men want to travel in hopes of
hooking up

, the technology company powering travel search/booking, loyalty
program engagement and ancillary merchandising solutions for the world’s
most celebrated airlines, hotels, online travel agencies and financial
services companies, today released a survey gauging whether or not
travel will be part of Americans’ New Year’s resolution. The online
survey conducted on behalf of Switchfly by Harris Poll in September
among over 2,000 U.S. adults found that two-thirds of Americans (66
percent) resolve to do more traveling in the New Year. Of these, over a
quarter want to travel more domestically, some want to travel with
friends and loved ones — few want to travel abroad.

Among those Americans who are making travel part of their resolution in
the New Year, three in ten resolve to travel more with their significant
other (30 percent), with their family (30 percent), and to spend time
exploring the vast and many wonders of the United States (28 percent).
25 percent hope to take better advantage of their weekends for
travelling in the coming year, while a minority plan to do more
“voluntouring” (6 percent) or traveling to learn foreign languages (5

Americans Top Travel Resolutions for the New Year:
Travel more with significant other       30 percent
Travel more with family       30 percent
Travel more inside of the U.S.       28 percent
Take more weekend trips       25 percent
Travel more with friends       18 percent

Do more adventure travel


15 percent

Travel more internationally


14 percent

Do more exotic travel       12 percent
Try “voluntourism” (volunteering abroad)       6 percent

More “hookups” when traveling

      6 percent
Travel to learn a new language       5 percent
Travel alone       5 percent

50 percent of parents of kids under 18 in their household resolve to do
more family vacationing, while 32 percent said they hope to travel more
with their significant other.

“Holidays are always a big travel season, but travel companies should
expect the year that follows to be especially busy,” said Daniel Farrar,
CEO of Switchfly. “These findings indicate cross-selling and vacation
packaging for couples, families and weekend trips could drive big
revenues in 2016 for travel brands.”

“With travel figuring so prominently into Americans’ New Year’s
resolutions, people could be hitting the road – or the runway, as the
case may be – at the first sign of Spring. Travelers should book early,
especially if their resolutions figure around peak travel times, like
Spring Break, July 4th, or any Summer weekend.”

Read the full report here: www.switchfly.com/2016travelresolutions

Millennial women feel the need to wander

Those most affected by wanderlust seem to be Millennial women (18-34
years old), who expressed the most interest in almost all forms of
travel: 42 percent resolve to travel more with their significant other;
49 percent want to travel more with their families; 39 percent want take
more weekend trips; 30 percent want to do more traveling with friends;
and 27 percent resolve to do some adventure traveling. With 1 in 4
saying they resolve to travel internationally, they are also the age
group to express the most interest in potentially crossing the pond.

And more mature women want to hit the (local) highway

Like Millennial women, the findings show that women of other age
categories are most interested in family travel (42 percent of 35-44
year olds), domestic travel (38 percent of 55-65 year olds; 28 percent
of 65+ year olds), and weekend trips (32 percent of 55-65 year olds).

Millennial men hope for travel hookups

The only travel category in which Millennial men expressed noticeably
more interest than any of their polled peers was traveling with intent
to hookup: 20 percent of Millennial men said this would be their New
Year’s travel resolution, compared to only 5 percent of Millennial
women. The only other age group to express somewhat of an interest in
this form of travel? 45-54 year old men, at 10 percent.

And older men are going…somewhere

While trends among women and the younger generations were easy to spot,
older men were more divided. Even though well over half of men in
(almost) all age categories resolve to travel more in the New Year (77
percent of 18-34 year olds; 69 percent of 35-44 year olds; 53 percent of
45-54 year olds; 48 percent of 55-65 year olds; 57 percent of 65+ year
olds), Millennials are the only ones with a clear consensus about where
and with whom they hope to travel (33 percent hope to travel more with
their families; 30 percent want to do more domestic traveling; 31
percent hope to travel more with friends). The rest of the age groups
seems unsure about where and with whom they will be traveling. 11
percent of 45-54 year olds hope to do more adventure traveling; 19
percent of 65+ year olds hope to travel abroad and 21 percent of 35-44
year olds want to do more traveling with their significant others. And,
as mentioned, 10 percent of 45-54 year olds will travel in hopes of
getting “lucky.”

Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll
on behalf of Switchfly from September 14-16, 2015 among 2,031 adults
ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a probability
sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be
calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting
variables, please contact Gaby@bospar.com.


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