Switching to a New Medicare Advantage Plan this October? Inter Valley Health Plan Provides Checklist for Switchers

POMONA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inter Valley Health Plan (www.IVHP.com),
a Pomona-based not-for-profit Medicare Advantage Health Plan that has
served the Southern Calif. community for 37 years, acknowledges the
stress that comes with navigating Medicare Advantage plans and provides
a helpful checklist to those looking to switch plans for open enrollment
October 15 – December 7, 2016.

A recent national report by Deft Research entitled ‘2016 Senior Shopping
and Switching During Medicare’s Annual Election Period,’ that obtained
4,929 responses from those ages 66-85, found that among those who
changed carriers, 43 percent report feelings of relief while shopping.

“The feeling of relief among switchers resonates with us,” says Ronald
Bolding, President and CEO, Inter Valley Health Plan. “We see how
complicated Medicare can be – even for the most knowledgeable consumers.
We want to make it easier and give consumers the tools they need to
distinguish one plan from another and choose what is best for them so
they get that feeling of relief even quicker.”

Medicare specialists at Inter Valley Health Plan advise switchers to
avoid becoming complacent. If a Medicare plan has worked well in the
past, don’t assume it will be the best choice in 2017. Ask yourself if
your needs have changed since first enrolling in the plan. Be sure and
take a careful look at the plan already in place and check all the boxes
that may apply in 2017. Here is a helpful
checklist to ensure nothing is left to chance:

  • Premiums and Copays – Your monthly premiums and doctor copays
    can add up very quickly, especially if you require regular visits due
    to a chronic illness or condition. These costs can seriously affect
    your daily living expenses. Look at the costs very carefully and make
    sure you can still afford the plan you’ve had. Maybe you are now
    retired or your spouse’s income is less than it was before. Make a
    spreadsheet of your expenses and see how it compares to the last time
    you enrolled. You’ll want to be sure that your plan meets your budget
    and needs today.
  • Prescription Drug Costs – Revisit your plan to see what type of
    prescription drug coverage you have in place. Find out if you pay
    a penalty if you join a drug plan later and if there are any coverage
    rules that apply to your prescriptions. Think about your need for
    prescriptions today and in 2017. Has your health declined in any way
    or have you been newly diagnosed with a condition? You may be used to
    paying a certain amount for your existing prescriptions so make sure
    if you do switch plans, those costs don’t increase and surprise you.
  • The Extras – Be sure not to ignore a Medicare plan’s extras.
    While some plans may offer a few extras such as educational pamphlets
    and perhaps a class or two per year, other plans will offer much more
    such as gym memberships, a series of local classes and events each
    month, and more personalized, convenient service. If you are looking
    to switch your plan, really take the time to research all the extras
    and take advantage of all that some can offer and how they can benefit

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