Syona Home Launches Its Online Store

100% organic cotton bedding store enters market for luxury linens

a Seattle-based startup specializing in premium quality and
environmentally friendly bedding, announced the launch of their online

“Our products are a manifestation of our values and our commitment to
sustainable living. Every aspect of our work is a reflection of those
values,” says founder and CEO Sukanta Nanda.

Affordable Luxury

Syona Home’s products are made from the purest cotton, crafted in
classic designs, and priced 50% less than luxury brands of the same
quality. With their direct-to-consumer model, consumers can expect to
get the best sleep possible at home.

Environment and Sustainability

COO Rohit Arabind explains the green aspect of the pricing model –
“Making high quality bedding more affordable benefits consumers,
farmers, manufacturers and the environment. It makes Organic and Fair
Trade products more accessible, and the increased durability means
customers repurchase less and producers create fewer products, limiting
the negative impacts of the pesticides and harmful chemicals on

Social Impact

They donate 15% of their profits towards developing and uplifting rural
communities through two major organizations – charity:water,
an organization working to improve rural communities’ access to clean
water, and Smile
, which empowers women and children in rural Indian
communities through education and access to healthcare.

The Team

Syona Home’s founders are a family-trio of longtime PNW residents, with
strong roots in the Indian farming community. Both Sukanta Nanda and
Namrata Panda both have decades of experience in software industry.
Rohit Arabind is a Master’s student at NYU and an Oxford graduate in
economics and management.

About Syona Home

Syona Home is founded on the core message of better sheets, better sleep
and better life. Syona Home makes the highest quality bedding from 100%
organic and Fair Trade Certified™ cotton, all at a fraction of the price
of designer brands. All of Syona Homes products are sourced from India
and uses GOTS certified cotton. Syona Home offers socially conscious
consumers the perfect product – one that is environmentally friendly and
ethical without sacrificing quality or comfort. Customers can checkout
free swatches and learn more at

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