T-Mobile’s Binge On Brings More Cowbell: Now Over 80 Video Services Stream Free Without Using Your Data

Latest expansion brings network TV, popular music services, anime and
more to Binge On

Google Play Music, NBC, NOGGIN, Radio Disney, Spotify, TIDAL,
Univision and more join the list of over 80 video services that now
stream without touching your LTE data

T-Mobile customers have already streamed more than 377 million hours
of video without using their high-speed data in just six months

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Whether you’re into Saturday
Night Live,
Star Exorcists
, The
Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
or can’t get enough of
Beyoncé’s Lemonade,
T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) has you covered with its latest Binge
expansion. John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile, broke
the news this morning
that, starting today, NBC, Univision, Qello
Concerts and more are all joining Binge On. And popular Music
services like Google Play Music, Radio Disney, Spotify and
TIDAL are bringing their growing video libraries to Binge On, so now
T-Mobile customers can stream both music and video without
burning up their high speed data. The company amped up its latest
signature move for the 5th time since launching it in
November of last year – so now, customers on qualifying plans can stream
unlimited video from a total more than 80 video providers without using
their high-speed data.

In just six months, Binge On has changed how T-Mobile customers watch
mobile video. Recent numbers underscore both how positively Americans
are responding to innovations like Binge On and how Binge On has
fundamentally changed video consumption:

  • T-Mobile customers have streamed more than 377 million hours of video
    without using their high-speed data since the launch of Binge On and
    are watching up to 2x more from participating providers that stream
    free on limited data plans
  • 92% of T-Mobile customers surveyed said they’ll watch more video with
    Binge On, and 93% said they like the idea of having all video
    optimized to DVD quality so they can watch 3x more using the same
    amount of high-speed data
  • A huge majority (89%) of US wireless customers say Binge On would be
    appealing to have as part of their wireless service
  • And an even bigger majority (94%) say they’d try a new online
    service if it were a part of a free data offering, like Binge On

“Binge On is a success, and our customers absolutely love it!” said John
Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “In the six months since we
launched Binge On, the number of video providers streaming free without
using your data has grown more than 240%.
We’ve got something for everyone, and
customers never have to worry about getting slammed with ridiculous
overage penalties. I hope Dumb and Dumber just keep pushing their mobile
video schemes, it just gives consumers more and more reason to come to

Some of the video streaming services joining Binge On today include:

  • Google Play Music
  • Great Big Story
  • NBC
  • Kiswe
  • Ligonier Ministries
  • Qello Concerts
  • Radio Disney
  • Univision
  • Univision Noticias
  • Spotify
  • Toon Goggles

Binge On is completely free to customers and providers. More information
and the full list of current Binge On services can be found at www.t-mobile.com/bingeon.
If your favorite video provider isn’t part of the program, tweet us your
favorite service @TMobile, along with the hashtag #BingeOn.

Binge On is another great example of how the Un-carrier does data
differently. Un-carrier
is fundamentally different – and lasts a lot longer – than
carrier data:

  • With Un-carrier Data, you can stream without fear. With Binge On and
    Music Freedom, you can chill to your favorite tunes and shows, without
    stressing about burning through your high-speed data.
  • Un-carrier Data gets stashed. Unlike carrier data, your unused
    high-speed Un-carrier data won’t suddenly vanish after a month or two,
    it gets stashed for use for up to a year.
  • Un-carrier Data knows no borders. Whether you’re in the US or
    traveling abroad, T-Mobile’s got your back, allowing you to access
    your Un-carrier Data in over 140 countries and destinations without
    fear of penalties or access fees.
  • Un-carrier Data is blazing-fast and in more places than ever.
    T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network is the fastest in the US for more
    than two years
    , as tested by millions of users in crowd-sourced,
    real-time tests. And just last year, we added more than 1 million
    square miles of coverage, so T-Mobile LTE now reaches nearly every
    single American – over 308 million people!

Detectable video typically streams at DVD quality (480p or better) with
Binge On unless video provider opts-out. You may disable Binge On at any
time, but will lose benefits. Qualifying plan required; third party
subscription/content charges may apply. Data Stash up to 20GB of unused
on-network data from past 12 months with qualifying plan. Extremely high
data usage may result in de-prioritization (& slower speeds). See

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