Take the GEICO pledge: ‘Take a Stand Against Distracted Driving’

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–It’s going viral. Well, that’s the hope for GEICO’s Take
a Stand Against Distracted Driving
campaign now underway to combat
the epidemic of distracted driving in the U.S. The campaign, which stays
live for the summer until Labor Day, encourages drivers to pledge to
keep their time behind the wheel distraction-free.

It gets better. If you take the pledge you can designate one of three
nonprofits to be financially rewarded for your pledge.

Participants can choose to have a donation made to American Cancer
Society, National Safety Council or Children’s Miracle Network
Hospitals. GEICO’s Educational Foundation will donate up to $100,000,
and will allocate funds based on the percentage of selections for each

The goal for the campaign is an ambitious one million pledges. GEICO
asks participants to use this hashtag – #StandAgainstDD – to
share the campaign with family and friends.

“After seeing an increase in accidents during the past year, we knew as
a company we needed to take action to raise more awareness for safe
driving,” said Yvonne Obeng-Curwood, executive assistant and program
lead. “We’re confident this pledge will inspire drivers to set an
example of safety, which is something we’d all like to see go viral.”

A number of states have seen a significant uptick in car crashes and
fatalities, and distracted driving has been partially to blame. In 2014,
NHTSA estimates more than 431,000 people sustained injuries in crashes
caused by distracted driving. Put into perspective, that’s equivalent to
every person living in Miami, Fla., getting injured in an auto accident.

By taking GEICO’s pledge,
and asking your family and friends to do so, you can help curb these
types of distracting behaviors and contribute to making roads and
highways one million pledges safer for all.

(Government Employees Insurance Company) is a member of the Berkshire
Hathaway family of companies and is the second-largest private passenger
auto insurance company in the United States. GEICO, which was founded in
1936, provides millions of auto
insurance quotes
to U.S. drivers annually. The company is pleased to
serve more than 13 million private passenger customers, insuring more
than 22 million vehicles (auto & cycle).


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