Technology’s Influence During the Holidays Brings Both Convenience and Tension, According to New Survey by Sequence

New Consumer Insights Inform Brands on How Technology is Blending
with Traditions

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to new research from Sequence, the potential tension and
positive influence of technology can become more pronounced during the
festive and busy holiday season. In the survey, 44 percent of consumers
say it’s never appropriate to have your smartphone at the holiday table;
yet 31 percent say use of smartphones at the holiday dinner table is
acceptable for taking and sharing photos.

The new survey, “Happy
Digital Holidays: Technology, Culture and Emerging Holiday Traditions
was released today by Sequence, a San Francisco-based design and
development firm that creates connected experiences for the world’s
best-known and most innovative brands including Apple, Chevron and The
Ellen DeGeneres Show.

From communicating and managing busy schedules to entertainment and
shopping, the survey explores how technology plays a role during the
holidays, how it impacts existing holiday traditions, and if it has the
potential to create new ones. The survey found that classic holiday
traditions continue to be important across generations, while at the
same time technology-inspired pastimes are starting to emerge. The
survey also found that a small group of consumers are embracing the
digital holiday experience by using technology to their advantage to
manage their tasks and create more time for friends and family.

“The influence of digital experiences in our culture continues to push
boundaries and possibilities, and our survey showed us that technology’s
role is important to consumers, but they are drawing lines – especially
during the holidays,” said Jojo Roy, chief executive officer of
Sequence. “As brands develop new products and technologies, they should
evaluate what matters to customers and then decide how technology can
play a meaningful role. In other words, don’t just build another app for
the sake of building an app – give it purpose and make sure it fits into
people’s lives.”

Key findings in the report include:

  • 33 percent would be lost without their smartphone during holiday
  • One in three consumers said they would sleep instead of meeting
    friends for drinks, baking cookies and other holiday activities if
    mobile technology helped save three hours of their time
  • 46 percent rely on apps like Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps to guide
    them to their destination
  • 52 percent say thanks to social media, when they see family from out
    of town, they feel like they know what’s going on in their lives
  • 25 percent say instead of a traditional phone call, they will video
    chat with their family
  • 22 percent of men keep a family calendar to track holiday activities

For more information on the survey findings of “Happy Digital Holidays:
Technology, Culture and Emerging Holiday Traditions”, download the full
report here.

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