The New York Times to Launch Monthly Kids Section

Second Kids Section Out Nov. 19; Will Run Monthly Starting January

New Puzzle Spectacular Section to Publish on Dec. 17

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The New York Times today announced that it will launch a monthly Kids
section dedicated to content for young readers. The first Kids section,
which debuted in May 2017, was so well received by young readers — even
sparking an
online petition
— that The Times decided to make it a monthly
feature of the newspaper. The next Kids section will accompany the
Sunday, Nov. 19 edition of the newspaper. The section will run monthly
starting Jan. 28, 2018.

Overseen by The New York Times Magazine’s special projects editor Caitlin
the section will be inspired by the breadth of Times content
and mimic regular sections in the paper, including sports, national
news, food, opinion and arts. The section design and art direction is by
Debra Bishop, overseen by the magazine’s design director, Gail Bichler.
The section will have a dedicated editor and feature a visually engaging
mix of news, illustrations, photography and how-to’s meant to engage
young readers.

“We’re extremely excited to launch a section of The New York Times for
kids,” said Jake Silverstein, editor in chief of The New York Times
Magazine. “Who says children don’t need news that’s made just for them?
Our goal here is not only to help kids learn about the complex world
they live in, but also to give them a taste, through a section designed
just for them, of the pleasures of print media. We’ll treat the readers
of this section the same way we treat all our readers: with respect.”

On Nov.19, readers of the second installment will find a cover story
about CRISPR, the gene editing technique that is arguably the biggest
scientific discovery in a century; a profile of a young DACA recipient;
a story about the role of schools in natural disasters; an introduction
to three young athletes who compete in dangerous sports; a delicious
recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers; a new advice column featuring advice
from an adult and a kid; a story from LeBron James about how he became a
basketball player; mini puzzles just for kids; and more.

To coincide with the second edition of the Kids section, “The
podcast will air a special episode for children to
listen to with their parents, also on Nov. 19.

The second edition of the Kids section is supported by Google Home.

The New York Times’s first Kids section was introduced as part of an
ongoing initiative at The Times to reimagine the uses of the print
newspaper in ways that delight and inform our readers. The first
special print-only section debuted in August 2016, an excerpt of the
recently released novel “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead,
which went on to win the National Book Award.

The Times also announced that it will run the second edition of the
Puzzle Spectacular, a special print-only broadsheet section devoted
entirely to a series of different puzzles, along with the Sunday, Dec.17
edition of the newspaper; the first
debuted in December 2016. Once again edited by New York Times Crossword
editor Will Shortz and The Times’s puzzle team, the section will feature
an even bigger mega-crossword, new word puzzles, visual brain teasers,
and more.


The New York Times Company
Jordan Cohen
Rhoades Ha