The Pines Recovery, Heber, Utah: OxyContin Addiction Is Even More Frightening Than Previously Thought

LA Times Investigation Sheds New Light on Why So Many Americans Are
Addicted to Popular Opiate Drug

HEBER, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new investigation
by the LA Times
may shed additional light on one of the
reasons OxyContin is so badly addictive, according to The Pines
Recovery, one of the Intermountain West’s most popular addiction
recovery facilities.

Since the drug’s appearance in 1996, manufacturer Purdue Pharma has
maintained that OxyContin provides “smooth and sustained” pain relief
for a 12-hour period to accommodate twice-daily dosing that would
“simplify and improve” patients’ lives.

Yet investigation shows the drug often wears off hours before the 12
hour limit, leading to serious withdrawal symptoms (and leading doctors
to prescribe increasingly stronger doses). This makes addiction and
overdose a much greater risk than practitioners had thought, according
to Lori Conner, co-owner of The Pines.

Over the last 20 years, more than 7 million Americans have abused
OxyContin, according to the federal government’s National Survey on Drug
Use and Health, resulting in more than 190,000 deaths from overdoses of
OxyContin and other painkillers since 1999.

Doctors and patients should be aware of this risk, Conner notes, and
should administer drugs like OxyContin with even greater care than

For patients who have developed an addiction, it is vital that they
enter recovery support programs as quickly as possible. Fear of leaving
a career or a business, concerns for privacy and uncertainty about
insurance coverage are some of the greatest issues that cause
professionals, in particular, to delay addiction therapy for themselves
and for their employees.

However, the earlier an addiction is addressed, the greater the
possibility for success (and the higher the possibility the situation
could be treated prior to the need for a full 24/7 residential program).

In addition to addressing substance abuse issues such as drugs and
alcohol, recovery programs from The Pines and a growing set of
affiliated organizations are also able to address needs such as
gambling, internet, food or sex addictions and issues requiring intense
psychotherapy support such as severe depression.

For more information about the various alternatives for addiction
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About Addiction Recovery Help

Addiction Recovery Help (
has emerged in 2016 as a referral resource to provide additional support
for the unique needs of professionals and their families. Types of
addictions covered—concerns for privacy—fear of leaving a career or
business—and uncertainty of insurance ramifications are some of the
biggest questions these individuals face.

Through Addiction Recovery Help, our specialized staff is able to
suggest the ideal programs and locations for this growing and unique
demographic, as well as providing expert support in managing available
coverage for these programs with most insurance providers.

About The Pines Recovery

The Pines Recovery, in Heber, Utah, offers a dual diagnosis and holistic
recovery program where we believe in healing the whole person using a
comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach to the treatment of addictions
and co-occurring disorders. Our custom, tailored programs include the
clinical and medical assistance needed to return to lifelong happiness
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