The Pines Recovery of Heber, Utah, Launches New Referral Service for Addiction Support

Now Two Years Old, Scenic and Popular Recovery Facility Introduces
Specialized Referral Service for Professionals and Families

HEBER, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#12StepProgram–One of the intermountain west’s most scenic and popular addiction
recovery facilities, The Pines Recovery, is now expanding its support
for professionals and families with the introduction of a new referral

The new service helps professionals and their families determine the
best programs and facilities to address their unique challenges in
meeting their addiction and recovery needs.

Fear of leaving a career or a business, concerns for privacy and
uncertainty in what’s covered, and how to deal with insurance are some
of the greatest issues professionals face in meeting addiction therapy
needs for themselves, their families and their employees.

In addition to addressing substance abuse issues such as drugs and
alcohol, recovery programs from The Pines and a growing set of
affiliated organizations are also able to address needs such as
gambling, internet, food or sex addictions, and issues requiring intense
psychotherapy support such as severe depression. Additionally, thanks to
the newest legislation emerging in the state of Utah and elsewhere,
residential and intensive therapy programs are increasingly able to
address (and secure insurance support for) pornography addictions as

For more information, call 435-659-2699 or visit

About Addiction Recovery Help

Addiction Recovery Help (
has emerged in 2016 as a referral resource to provide additional support
for the unique needs of professionals and their families. Types of
addictions covered—concerns for privacy—fear of leaving a career or
business—and uncertainty of insurance ramifications are some of the
biggest questions these individuals face.

Through Addiction Recovery Help, our specialized staff is able to
suggest the ideal programs and locations for this growing and unique
demographic, as well as providing expert support in managing available
coverage for these programs with most insurance providers.

About The Pines Recovery

The Pines Recovery in Heber, Utah, offers a dual diagnosis and holistic
recovery program where we believe in healing the whole person using a
comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach to the treatment of addictions
and co-occurring disorders. Our custom, tailored programs include the
clinical and medical assistance needed to return to lifelong happiness
and wellbeing. For more information, call 435-659-2699 or visit


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