Theranos Trains 100 Global Women Leaders in STEM for State Department’s TechWomen Program

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Theranos, Inc., a consumer health technology and medical laboratory
services company, announced that founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes, along
with many of the company’s executives and Bay area employees, hosted a
day-long “Action Planning” workshop with the U.S. Department of State’s TechWomen
program at Theranos Headquarters today, where program participants
engaged with Theranos leaders on a range of topics aimed towards
bolstering their business planning and leadership skills.

The workshop convened nearly 100 women entrepreneurs, from Africa, the
Middle East, and Central Asia along with experts from Theranos and other
Bay area companies to mentor the emerging STEM leaders on Saturday,
October 10 at Theranos’ campus in Palo Alto.

Holmes welcomed the women to Theranos with an emphasis on the importance
of women helping women, and participants heard from Holmes and Theranos
leaders on such topics as fostering a collaborative and innovative
culture, go-to-market strategies, brand marketing and social media,
maximizing revenue and impact, effective strategies for reinforcing
social change through business, and tackling the challenges of
leadership in STEM as women.

As a special surprise appearance, Holmes invited entrepreneur and
investor Marc Andreessen to address the global emerging leaders in STEM,
providing insights into entrepreneurial strategies, strengths, and

“A core piece of Theranos’ mission is to nurture a culture of innovation
and collaboration in science and technology. Our team was honored to
work with this extraordinary group of entrepreneurs and the TechWomen
program to help promote a new generation of global woman leaders in
STEM,” said Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos. “I am
personally inspired by the hard work and incredible commitment of the
TechWomen entrepreneurs. As we all execute on this #ironsisters pledge
to help 100 other women, 10,000 will be impacted just from the women in
the room together today.”

Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Evan
Ryan, who oversees the TechWomen program for the U.S. State Department,
said, “TechWomen is as much about a shared community experience as it is
about science and innovation. The inclusive culture Elizabeth Holmes has
built at Theranos and her experiences as an inventor, scientist, and
leader are precisely the kind of example of leadership that these
TechWomen came to the U.S. to experience. We are delighted that Theranos
employees spent this time working with our women leaders and that
Elizabeth shared her passion for progress through science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics.”

Several Theranos employees spoke about their experience working in a
woman-led business and in a company in which women are encouraged to
have leadership roles in STEM. Theranos software senior product manager
Angela Ha said, “Being on the Theranos team is not just about our shared
commitment to changing the health care paradigm, it’s about being able
to work at a place dedicated to cutting edge science and tech, where a
lot of the senior people are women and its led by a woman who has
invented more at the age of 31 than most engineers do in a lifetime.”

Many of the program participants asked questions over the course of the
day-long workshop regarding the challenges of being a woman in the STEM
field, and program organizers offered a series of insights and advice
aimed towards overcoming obstacles related to gender. “Be the smartest
and hardest working person in the room,” said Mona Atallah, also a
software senior product manager at Theranos. “That’s how you build a
place like Theranos. We all watch Elizabeth work harder than anyone.
It’s motivating, because she’s there in the trenches with us day in and
day out.”

Holmes is working with the TechWomen program as part of her Presidential
Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) initiative. In addition to
TechWomen, Holmes’ PAGE Initiative will work to address global health
care problems, connect women and girls, and enfranchise entrepreneurs.

About Theranos

Theranos, Inc. is a consumer health technology company founded in
2003 by Elizabeth Holmes.
Theranos’ mission is to make actionable
information accessible to everyone at the time it matters most.
doing so, Theranos is working to facilitate the early detection and
prevention of disease and to empower people everywhere to live their
best lives.
Theranos offers lab tests in convenient locations in
its Wellness Centers in Arizona, Pennsylvania and California, with plans
to expand throughout the country.

About TechWomen

TechWomen is an Initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau
of Educational and Cultural Affairs, administered by the Institute for
International Education. TechWomen empowers, connects, and supports the
next generation of women leaders in science, technology, engineering,
and mathematics (STEM) from Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East by
providing them the access and opportunity needed to advance their
careers, pursue their dreams, and inspire women and girls in their
communities. Through mentorship and exchange, TechWomen strengthens
participants’ professional capacity, increases mutual understanding
between key networks of professionals, and expands girls’ interest in
STEM careers by exposing them to female role models.

About the Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education is a world leader in the
international exchange of people and ideas. IIE designs and implements
programs of study and training for students, educators, young
professionals and trainees from all sectors with funding from government
agencies, foundations, and corporations. An independent, not-for-profit
organization founded in 1919, IIE has a network of 19 offices and
affiliates worldwide and over 1,200 member institutions. IIE also
conducts policy research and program evaluations, and provides advising
and counseling on international education and opportunities abroad.


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