TherapeuticsMD Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Financial Results

– Company to Present additional positive phase 3 data for TX-004HR at
the ISSWSH annual meeting –

– Management to host conference call today at 4:30 p.m. EST –

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (NYSE MKT: TXMD), an innovative women’s healthcare
company, today announced its fourth quarter and full year financial
results for 2015.

2015 and Recent Developments

  • Net revenue for the company’s prescription prenatal vitamin business
    increased to approximately $20.1 million in 2015 compared with
    approximately $15.0 million for the prior year.
  • Net loss was approximately $85.1 million in 2015, compared with
    approximately $54.2 million for the prior year, reflecting investment
    in two phase 3 clinical trials for the company’s novel hormone therapy
    drug candidates.
  • Reported positive topline data from the Rejoice Trial, a phase 3
    clinical trial of TX-004HR, an applicator-free vaginal estradiol
    softgel drug candidate for the treatment of moderate to severe vaginal
    pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), a symptom of vulvar and
    vaginal atrophy (VVA) due to menopause. The results showed patients
    treated with TX-004HR achieved a statistically significant improvement
    over placebo across all four co-primary endpoints at all three doses
    evaluated. The validated co-primary endpoint data and additional
    secondary endpoint results related to vaginal dryness are scheduled to
    be presented this week at the International Society for the Study of
    Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) Annual Meeting 2016. A summary of these
    data is included below in this press release.
  • Exited over 1,400 of the 1,750 patients enrolled in the Replenish
    Trial, a phase 3 clinical trial of TX-001HR, a combination estradiol
    and progesterone drug candidate, for the treatment of moderate to
    severe vasomotor symptoms due to menopause. Topline results are
    currently anticipated late in the fourth quarter of 2016.
  • The company’s intellectual property portfolio grew to a current total
    of 122 patent filings, including 72 international filings, with one
    allowed and 14 issued U.S. patents.
  • Presented two posters at North American Menopause Society (NAMS) of
    the company’s transdermal progesterone candidate, TX-005HR, and the
    company’s transdermal estradiol and progesterone candidate, TX-006HR,
    demonstrating tissue penetration and target organ activity in a
    preclinical study.
  • Strengthened relationships with key medical, pharmacy, patient and
    industry organizations worldwide.
  • Ended the year with approximately $64.7 million in cash and no debt,
    which was further strengthened by an equity offering in January 2016
    that generated approximately $135 million of net proceeds to fund
    commercialization activities for both of the company’s late stage
    product candidates and other development activities.

“2015 was a breakthrough year for our company, as we reported positive
topline phase 3 data from the Rejoice Trial for TX-004HR, the first of
our two novel pipeline candidates in the women’s health arena,” said
TherapeuticsMD CEO Robert G. Finizio. “Based on those compelling
results, we are preparing to file an NDA before June 30, while we also
expect topline data late in the fourth quarter of 2016 from our
Replenish Trial for TX-001HR. We believe we are well positioned from a
financial, clinical and commercial standpoint to execute on our goals in
2016 and create significant value for shareholders by advancing our
pipeline and preparing to launch our first novel hormone product for
women, if approved.”

Summary of 2015 Financial Results

For the year ended December 31, 2015, net revenue increased
approximately 34 percent to approximately $20.1 million compared with
approximately $15.0 million for the prior year. Net revenue for the
fourth quarter of 2015 was approximately $5.6 million compared with net
revenue of approximately $4.3 million for the prior year’s quarter.
Revenue growth during the fourth quarter was primarily driven by a
change in product mix and an increase in the average net sales price of
the company’s prenatal vitamin products and revenue growth during the
full year was primarily driven by an increase in the number of units
sold and an increase in the average sales price of the company’s
prenatal vitamin products.

Cost of goods sold increased to approximately $4.5 million for the full
year 2015, compared with approximately $3.7 million in the prior year.

Total operating expenses for the fourth quarter and full year 2015
included research and development (R&D) expenses and sales, general and
administrative expenses (SG&A). R&D expenses for the full-year 2015 were
approximately $72.0 million compared with approximately $43.2 million
for the prior year, primarily as a result of an increase in costs
related to the company’s phase 3 clinical trials for TX-001HR and
TX-004HR and an increase in scale-up and manufacturing activities
primarily related to TX-001HR. R&D expenses during the fourth quarter of
2015 were $13.3 million compared to $14.2 million during the prior
year’s quarter, reflecting a significant decline in the company’s
clinical trial costs, partially offset by an increase in scale-up and
manufacturing activities to support commercialization. SG&A expenses for
the full-year 2015 were approximately $28.7 million compared with
approximately $22.1 million for the prior year, reflecting an increase
in human resources related costs, increased consulting and professional
costs, increased insurance cost and increased sales and marketing
expenses. SG&A expenses for the fourth quarter of 2015 were
approximately $8.6 million compared with approximately $5.5 million for
the prior year’s quarter, primarily as a result of increased human
resource related costs, as well as increased sales and marketing and
office expenses.

Non-operating income remained insignificant for the full year 2015 and
2014 and included interest income and other miscellaneous items of
income and expense for both periods.

Net loss for the full year 2015 was approximately $85.1 million, or
$0.49 per basic and diluted share, compared with approximately $54.2
million, or $0.36 per basic and diluted share, for the full year 2014.
Net loss in the fourth quarter of 2015 was approximately $17.5 million,
or $0.10 per basic and diluted share, compared with approximately $16.3
million, or $0.10 per basic and diluted share, for the fourth quarter of

At December 31, 2015, cash on hand was approximately $64.7 million,
compared with approximately $51.4 million at December 31, 2014.

Phase 3 Data Results Presented at ISSWSH Annual Meeting 2016

TherapeuticsMD also announced that data from the phase 3 Rejoice Trial
would be presented at the ISSWSH Annual Meeting 2016 taking place
February 25-28 in Charleston, South Carolina. The poster to be presented
includes validated co-primary endpoint results from the Rejoice Trial
and secondary endpoint data that demonstrate the effect of TX-004HR on
severity of vaginal dryness as compared with placebo at week 12.

Based on the company’s ongoing analyses of the Rejoice Trial data,
statistical significance of the results for the co-primary endpoint of
severity of participants’ self-reported moderate to severe dyspareunia
as the most bothersome symptom of VVA has slightly improved for all
three doses from the topline results previously reported. The secondary
endpoint result for vaginal dryness was also statistically significant
for all three doses evaluated in the Rejoice Trial.

Statistical Significance of Results for Co-Primary Endpoints
(Based on LS Mean Change from Baseline to Week 12 Compared to
    25 mcg  

10 mcg

  4 mcg

Superficial Cells


P < 0.0001


P < 0.0001


P < 0.0001

Parabasal cells


P < 0.0001


P < 0.0001


P < 0.0001

Vaginal pH


P < 0.0001


P < 0.0001


P < 0.0001

Severity of Dyspareunia


P < 0.0001


P < 0.0001


P = 0.0149

Statistical Significance of Results for Secondary Endpoint of
Severity of Vaginal Dryness

(Based on LS Mean Change from Baseline to Week 12 Compared to

Severity of Dryness


P < 0.0001


P < 0.0001


P = 0.0014

LS= Least Squares


Conference Call Today

As previously announced, TherapeuticsMD will host a conference call
today to discuss these financial results and provide a business update.
Details for the call are:

Date:   Thursday, February 25, 2016
Time: 4:30 p.m. EST
Telephone Access (US): 866-665-9531
Telephone Access (International): 724-987-6977
Access Code for All Callers: 45870409

Additionally, a live webcast can be accessed on the company’s website,,
on the Home Page or under the “Investors & Media” section. A
digital recording of the conference call will be available for replay
beginning two hours after the call’s completion and for at least 30 days
with the dial-in 855-859-2056 or international 404-537-3406 and
Conference ID: 45870409.

About TherapeuticsMD, Inc.

TherapeuticsMD, Inc. is an innovative healthcare company focused on
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The company’s clinical development pipeline includes two phase 3
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December 31,
2015 2014
Current Assets:
Cash $ 64,706,355 $ 51,361,607
Accounts receivable, net of allowance for doubtful accounts
of $81,910 and $59,753, respectively 3,049,715 2,154,217
Inventory 690,153 1,182,113
Other current assets   2,233,897     1,537,407  
Total current assets   70,680,120     56,235,344  
Fixed assets, net   198,592     63,293  
Other Assets:
Intangible assets, net 1,615,251 1,228,588
Prepaid expense 1,109,883 1,427,263
Security deposit   125,000     125,000  
Total other assets   2,850,134     2,780,851  
Total assets $ 73,728,846   $ 59,079,488  
Current Liabilities:
Accounts payable $ 3,126,174 $ 6,327,129
Other current liabilities 7,539,526 3,840,639
Deferred revenue       522,613  
Total current liabilities   10,665,700     10,690,381  
Commitments and Contingencies
Stockholders’ Equity:
Preferred stock – par value $0.001; 10,000,000 shares authorized;
no shares issued and outstanding
Common stock – par value $0.001; 350,000,000 and 250,000,000
shares authorized; 177,928,041 and 156,097,019 issued
and outstanding, respectively 177,928 156,097
Additional paid-in capital 282,712,078 182,982,846
Accumulated deficit   (219,826,860 )   (134,749,836 )
Total stockholders’ equity   63,063,146     48,389,107  
Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity $ 73,728,846   $ 59,079,488  
Three Months Ended December 31, Year Ended December 31,
2015 2014 2015 2014 2013
Revenues, net $ 5,629,740 $ 4,257,647 $ 20,142,898 $ 15,026,219 $ 8,775,598
Cost of goods sold   1,235,978     879,535     4,506,673     3,671,803     1,959,597  
Gross profit   4,393,762     3,378,112     15,636,225     11,354,416     6,816,001  
Operating expenses:
Sales, general, and administrative 8,631,238 5,514,057 28,721,236 22,124,072 19,014,837
Research and development 13,253,472 14,166,789 72,042,774 43,218,938 13,551,263
Depreciation and amortization 18,000 12,558 62,400 52,467 58,145
Total operating expenses   21,902,710     19,693,404     100,826,410     65,395,477     32,624,245  
Operating loss   (17,508,948 )   (16,315,292 )   (85,190,185 )   (54,041,061 )   (25,808,244 )
Other income and (expenses)
Miscellaneous income, net 23,991 3,158 95,719 46,569 34,544
Interest income 2,280 9,553 17,442 37,309 27,234

Financing costs





Interest expense



Loan guaranty costs








Total other income (expense)   26,271     12,711     113,161     (176,149 )   (2,611,069 )
Loss before income taxes (17,482,677 ) (16,302,581 ) (85,077,024 ) (54,217,210 ) (28,419,313 )
Provision for income taxes                    
Net loss $ (17,482,677 ) $ (16,302,581 ) $ (85,077,024 ) $ (54,217,210 ) $ (28,419,313 )
Loss per share, basic and diluted:
Net loss per share, basic and diluted $ (0.10 ) $ (0.10 ) $ (0.49 ) $ (0.36 ) $ (0.22 )
Weighted average number of common
shares outstanding, basic and diluted   177,876,462     156,054,938     173,174,229     149,727,228     127,569,731  
Year Ended December, 31,
2015 2014 2013
Net loss $ (85,077,024 ) $ (54,217,210 ) $ (28,419,313 )
Adjustments to reconcile net loss to net cash used in
operating activities:
Depreciation 29,959 28,987 47,883
Amortization of intangible assets 32,441 23,480 10,262
Provision for (recovery of) doubtful accounts 22,157 (5,436 ) (15,493 )
Amortization of debt discount 1,102,680
Share-based compensation 7,189,699 4,970,312 3,844,155
Amortization of deferred financing costs 260,027 1,451,934
Loan guaranty costs 2,944
Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
Accounts receivable (917,656 ) (458,028 ) (1,068,619 )
Inventory 491,960 (138,495 ) 571,592
Other current assets (773,532 ) 680,281 (1,386,319 )
Other assets (17,442 ) (37,309 ) (565,706 )
Accounts payable (3,200,955 ) 4,212,912 472,851
Deferred revenue (522,613 ) (1,079,967 ) 457,828
Other current liabilities 3,698,887 239,450 2,875,320
Other liabilities           (150,068 )
Net cash used in operating activities   (79,044,119 )   (45,520,996 )   (20,768,069 )
Patent costs (419,104 ) (586,480 ) (439,034 )
Purchase of fixed assets (165,257 ) (30,962 ) (40,790 )
Refund (payment) of security deposit       10,686     (103,737 )
Net cash used in investing activities   (584,361 )   (606,756 )   (583,561 )
Proceeds from sale of common stock, net of costs 91,374,649 42,771,353 78,650,353
Proceeds from exercise of options 1,232,579 345,746 30,910
Proceeds from exercise of warrants 366,000 181,000
Proceeds bank line of credit 500,000
Repayment of bank line of credit (500,000 )
Repayment of notes payable           (4,691,847 )
Net cash provided by financing activities   92,973,228     43,298,099     73,989,416  
Increase (decrease) in cash 13,344,748 (2,829,653 ) 52,637,786
Cash, beginning of period   51,361,607     54,191,260     1,553,474  
Cash, end of period $ 64,706,355   $ 51,361,607   $ 54,191,260  
Cash paid for interest $   $   $ 212,853  
Cash paid for income taxes $   $   $  
Warrants issued for financing $   $   $ 1,711,956  
Warrants issued for services $   $   $ 462,196  


TherapeuticsMD, Inc.
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Financial Officer