TherapeuticsMD Announces Publication of Two Manuscripts on the Rejoice Trial for TX-004HR in Leading Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal

– Positive results from pivotal, phase 3 Rejoice Trial published for
first time in the journal Menopause –

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (NYSE MKT: TXMD), an innovative women’s healthcare
company, today announced the publication of two manuscripts detailing
results of the company’s phase 3 Rejoice Trial in Menopause: The
Journal of The North American Menopause Society
, a widely-regarded
forum for scholarly articles on the leading research related to
menopause. The Rejoice Trial is the pivotal phase 3 study of TX-004HR,
an investigational bio-identical 17β-estradiol vaginal softgel capsule,
for the treatment of moderate-to-severe vaginal pain during sexual
intercourse (dyspareunia), a symptom of vulvar vaginal atrophy (VVA) in
postmenopausal women.

The manuscripts review the positive results of TX-004HR across all
pre-specified primary and secondary endpoints in the Rejoice Trial, as
well as data from a pharmacokinetic (PK) substudy demonstrating the low
systemic absorption of TX-004HR. Both manuscripts are available online
in the journal Menopause, as well as in the “Investors & Media” section
of the company’s website,

“Publication of our two manuscripts on the Rejoice Trial is an important
achievement for our company, reflecting the clinical rigor that guides
development of our unique pipeline of hormone therapies designed to
address women’s healthcare needs,” said TherapeuticsMD CEO Robert G.
Finizio. “If approved, TX-004HR has the potential to be a highly
differentiated treatment option for postmenopausal women in the United
States who suffer from moderate-to-severe dyspareunia, a symptom of VVA.
We look forward to the Food and Drug Administration completing its
review of the TX-004HR New Drug Application (NDA), and to the potential
launch of TX-004HR in 2017.”

The FDA has set a Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) target action
date of May 7, 2017 to complete its review of the company’s 505(b)(2)
NDA submission for TX-004HR. The NDA is supported by the complete
TX-004HR clinical program, including positive results of the phase 3
Rejoice Trial, which evaluated the effect of three doses of TX-004HR (4
mcg, 10 mcg and 25 mcg) compared to placebo from baseline to week 12.

The first manuscript, titled “The REJOICE trial: a phase 3 randomized,
controlled trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of a novel vaginal
estradiol soft-gel capsule for symptomatic vulvar and vaginal atrophy,”
reviews the results of the Rejoice Trial, which demonstrated
statistically significant improvements in dyspareunia, based on four
co-primary endpoints, and vaginal dryness, a secondary endpoint, across
all three doses of TX-004HR compared to placebo. The manuscript also
reviews the safety and tolerability of TX-004HR. TX-004HR had a
favorable safety profile and was well-tolerated. No clinically
significant differences in adverse events were observed between
treatment and placebo groups.

The second manuscript, titled “TX-004HR vaginal estradiol has negligible
to very low systemic absorption of estradiol,” reviews the results of
the PK substudy of the Rejoice Trial, which demonstrated that all three
doses of TX-004HR showed negligible to very low systemic absorption of
estradiol. Safety parameters further revealed no significant differences
in estrogen sensitive tests and no signals of estrogenic stimulation of
the endometrium.

“We are very encouraged by the safety and efficacy profile of TX-004HR
and, if approved, believe this product candidate could become a
potential best in class therapy for postmenopausal women seeking to
effectively manage dyspareunia, a symptom of VVA,” said TherapeuticsMD
Chief Clinical Officer Brian Bernick, M.D.

About Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy (VVA)

An estimated 32 million women in the United States are currently
suffering from symptoms of VVA, and only 2.3 million (7 percent) are
currently being treated with prescription therapy. VVA symptoms can
range from mild to severe and include dyspareunia, vaginal dryness,
urinary tract infections, and vaginal bleeding associated with sexual
activity. Vaginal dryness and dyspareunia are considered the most
bothersome symptoms of VVA. Because of the chronic nature of VVA due to
menopause, its symptoms will not likely resolve without intervention.
The burden of VVA in the United States may increase due to aging of the
population. Furthermore, due to increasing longevity, women may now
suffer from VVA or other conditions related to decreased reproductive
hormone levels for over one-third of their lives.

About TherapeuticsMD, Inc.

TherapeuticsMD, Inc. is an innovative healthcare company focused on
developing and commercializing products exclusively for women. With its
SYMBODA™ technology, TherapeuticsMD is developing advanced hormone
therapy pharmaceutical products to enable delivery of bio-identical
hormones through a variety of dosage forms and administration routes.
The company’s late stage clinical pipeline includes two phase 3 product
candidates: TX-001HR for treatment of moderate-to-severe vasomotor
symptoms (VMS) due to menopause and TX-004HR for treatment of
moderate-to-severe vaginal pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia),
a symptom of vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA) due to menopause. The
company also manufactures and distributes branded and generic
prescription prenatal vitamins as well as over-the-counter prenatal
vitamins under the vitaMedMD® and BocaGreenMD®

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