THERMOWAND Enters Final Testing Phase

Developer Launches Innovative Kickstarter Campaign to Achieve
Additional Research Funding,
Patient Recruitment

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Development of THERMOWAND a clinical-stage medical device
currently in development as a hand-held, infrared thermometer taking
skin temperature readings from as far away as three feet, is entering
its final phase of clinical testing. Its developer, Captains Engineering
and Consulting (CEC), is planning to utilize Kickstarter for an
innovative funding source as well as for trial subject recruitment for
an online research study.

David Johnson is a partner at CEC. “THERMOWAND™ is a natural fit for
Kickstarter, as it will allow consumers to not only crowd-fund an
innovative product at the ground floor, but also to participate in the
clinical trials. This could create a whole new category for Kickstarter
– medical device research.”

THERMOWAND’s design will offer a number of benefits to users. For
example, it renders temperature readings within microseconds without the
need for disposable covers or wipes. It is non-invasive, so
users/caretakers remain well outside the three-foot potential
contamination zone generally recognized by the U.S. healthcare community.1
In addition, the final product will allow users/caretakers to wirelessly
transfer temperature readings to a patient’s physician via electronic
medical records.

THERMOWAND™ is being designed to read a patient’s normal temperature
within plus or minus .2 degree F. This means a patient’s normal
temperature of 98.6 F could read as either 98.4 or 98.8 degrees, well
within the range of normal, eliminating the potential for false positive
readings. This ability is twice the current FDA requirements of an
infrared thermometer. 2

According to a recent article in Infection Control Today, a
person’s normal breathing zone is approximately three feet wide.3
The longer a caregiver remains in that active area, the more likely they
are to inhale a pathogen, such as the flu virus, from an infected

Johnson added, “Our research has shown that THERMOWAND™ offers a
long-range, three-foot, patient proximity for medical-grade temperature
readings, providing an extra level of protection for caregivers from
potential airborne pathogens, such as influenza,” he said. “Once the
product completes the final research phase, it is likely to be the only
hand-held remote thermometer on the market offering this level of
accuracy at this range,” he added.

With an estimated 200,000 Americans hospitalized from influenza each
year,4 THERMOWAND’s technology could potentially help save
lives by limiting transmission of airborne pathogens. This technology
could prove especially valuable to healthcare staff during seasonal flu

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considered the
2014/2015 flu season an epidemic in the U.S. due to high infection
activity and related deaths.5 The 2015/2016 flu season is
just around the corner and is expected to peak nationwide from December
through February, 2016.

To donate or sign up for the clinical research study, visit

About Captains Engineering and Consulting

Founded by Timothy M. Johnson, a licensed professional engineer, CEC is
based in Massachusetts. Professor Johnson recently retired from the
Wentworth Institute of Technology to focus solely on the development of
THERMOWAND™. He holds Master degrees in Electrical Engineering and
Liberal Arts and a Bachelor degree in Technology.

David Johnson is a partner in CEC. While the professor focuses on
research and development, David manages operations. David holds a Master
of Science in Direct/Interactive Marketing from New York University and
a Bachelor of Arts in English from King’s College.

THERMOWAND™ is the first commercially viable product from CEC.
Additional products are currently in the company’s research and
development pipeline.







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