This Year, When It Comes to Illegal Fireworks, You Can “Nail ’em & Jail ’em”

TNT Fireworks Launches Illegal Fireworks Reporting Smartphone App

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#illegalfireworks–TNT Fireworks, California’s largest wholesale distributor of State
Approved (“Safe & Sane”) Fireworks, today announced the launch of their
dual platform smartphone mobile app that will allow residents in cities
and counties throughout California to take pictures of the sale and/or
use of illegal fireworks in that jurisdiction and email these photos,
along with the GPS coordinates of the alleged illegal activity and an
audio and text message, to that jurisdiction’s police or fire department
so that it can immediately investigate, confiscate, cite and/or arrest
those responsible for this alleged illegal activity.

This new, unique smartphone app, appropriately named, Nail ’em, places
the power of illegal fireworks enforcement in the palm of any
Californian’s hands. It will allow them to report the possession, sale
and use of illegal fireworks in their community along with photos and
GPS locations. The citizen’s complaint will automatically be routed to
the correct law enforcement and fire personnel. The app user can elect
to be the “reporting party” or remain anonymous. They can also opt-in to
receive notifications and be kept informed regarding when and how their
complaint was acted upon. This Nail ’em app is being provided to
communities throughout California and their residents, free of charge,
as a public service of TNT Fireworks.

“So many California communities in 2015, experienced a rampant use of
illegal fireworks, especially in cities where no fireworks were
allowed,” declared Dennis C. Revell, spokesperson for TNT Fireworks.
“Despite public demands for increased enforcement and years of
collaborative efforts between TNT Fireworks and state and local fire and
law enforcement agencies to increase public education and create
administrative citations and task forces, the sale and use of illegal
fireworks has reached epidemic proportions. Because little or nothing is
being done to stop the interdiction of these illegal, dangerous items
into California, local jurisdictions have become not only the first line
of defense, but the only line of defense against illegal fireworks!”

According to numerous experts, communities throughout the state are
confronted with the scope of an illegal fireworks problem that requires
a level of enforcement personnel that their budgets cannot support. For
many years now, the Office of the State Fire Marshal has said,
“Dangerous, illegal fireworks constitute a growing, serious threat to
your family’s safety this 4th of July. Truckloads of large
aerial shells, skyrockets, fire crackers and other illegal fireworks are
being smuggled into California. Even though these illegal fireworks are
prohibited in every community throughout our great State, they are
responsible for almost all of the fireworks-caused fires and injuries
each year. Remember, if it goes up in the air or explodes, it is
dangerous and illegal.”1

“In its continuing efforts to protect Californians and their communities
from illegal fireworks, TNT Fireworks is providing this vehicle through
which fire and law enforcement agencies can solicit and gain the
public’s help,” stated Revell. “No matter how skilled a community’s
police and fire department is; they will benefit from their citizens’
help in identifying illegal fireworks violators. The “Nail ’em” app
allows their citizens to assist them by being their eyes and ears out
there in the community so that, when it comes to illegal fireworks
violators, we can “ ‘Nail ’em’ & ‘Jail ’em’!”

The “Nail ’em” app is available today through the Apple iTunes App Store
and Google Play and has been developed for both the iPhone and Android
platforms. Tutorial videos on “how to” use the app have been built into
the Home page of the app and can also be view on YouTube:

; Android

Before developing this app, TNT Fireworks conducted extensive research
on phone apps that have been developed to support community code
enforcement activities ranging from water waste, graffiti, potholes and
reporting street light outages. After completing this extensive
research, TNT Fireworks identified App-Order, the largest provider of
citizen reporting applications for government in North America.
App-Order has created over 90 mobile apps for communities across the
United States and currently is the provider of app services for the
following California cities and counties: Alameda County, Bell, Burbank,
Burlingame, Desert Hot Springs, Fullerton, Huntington Park, Maywood,
Ontario, Palos Verdes, Salinas, San Bernardino County, San Jose, San
Mateo, Santa Ana, Santee, and Torrance.

Since its entry into the California markets 25 years ago, TNT Fireworks
has distinguished itself as a strong public safety partner in the 296
communities in California that it does business with as well as
throughout the entire state. From its initial award-winning, public
service announcements (PSA’s) featuring the late former President Ronald
Reagan; to its PSA’s featuring television personality Ron Masak; to its
Illegal Fireworks Amnesty Program; to its “Dangerous Games” video; to
its “Private Eyes” campaign; to its two radio and television PSA’s
featuring country music duo sensation “Brooks & Dunn,” and, most
recently, its “Don’t Get Burned” safety video, TNT has received wide
acclaim for its Fireworks Safety & Education Program from school
districts, the media, the fire service, city councils, Boards of
Supervisors and the State of California, all noting the successful
impact that they have had on 4th of July safety. (for further
information see:



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