TL PLASTIC SURGERY in South Korea, the Best Choice for Your Satisfying Breast Augmentation Surgery

Choosing the suitable implant for the patient is critical for
satisfactory breast surgery

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Women’s desire for beautiful and toned body will never end. Especially,
many women are interested in breast surgeries because the breast is the
key to perfecting their shape. Winter is ideal for those who want their
breast job as it is less likely to bring side effects such as
inflammation, infection and easier to hide compressive dressings with
thick layers of clothing.

The well-known method of breast surgeries is to use implants for breast
augmentation, and the most popular surgery is “Dual Tear-drop Breast
Augmentation” using teardrop breast implants. The advantage of this
surgical method is that you can achieve natural looking breasts; the
lower part is slightly fuller than the upper part. In other words, you
can achieve full bosom with natural look. Most patients ask about the
teardrop shaped implant when visiting TL for their breast surgery;
however, the surgery is not suitable for everyone.

Dr. Yim Joong-hyuk of TL Plastic Surgery believes it is important to
choose suitable implants for one’s body because every individual has
different body structure. The structure of the chest and location of
nipples should be taken into account; also patients should seek for
adequate advice from the professionals in breast surgery before choosing
breast implants because round breast implants can be more ideal for some
people depending on the shape of the upper part of one’s breasts.

Dr. Yim also stated, he can see there have been changes in patients’
preference for breast surgery over the past 19 years. In the past,
patients wanted to merely enlarge breasts, but now people want to
achieve the desired size, natural shape, as well as soft breasts. To
meet the demand, various breast implants have been developed; soft,
nicely proportioned implant was newly released.

He added that the result is affected not only by the type of implants
but also the surgeon; patients will have a satisfactory outcome through
the most suitable implant and the adequate surgical method.

Remember Dr. Yim’s advice to achieving your charming and beautiful


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