TOLERANT Foods Challenges U.S. States to Lower Obesity Rate

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Many of us are settling into full-blown hibernation mode as winter
approaches; holiday dishes high in carbs, fat and sugar bombard us and
exercise is a distant memory. MXO GLOBAL INC., manufacturer of organic,
gluten-free, single-ingredient TOLERANT legume-based pasta alternative,
is challenging consumers this winter to look at new alternatives for
cold-weather comfort food favorites as one step to help lower the
obesity epidemic in the United States.

“Legumes in the shape of pastas are a newer discovery and a great
alternative for those who don’t eat a lot of meat because they add a
significant amount of protein per serving size,” said Registered
Dietitian and sports nutrition expert Melanie Lipps, MS, RD, LD. “It
will help control one’s hunger, while also helping to cut back on

U.S. adult obesity rates remained mostly steady―but high―this past year,
increasing in Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio and Utah, and
remaining stable in the rest, according to The State of Obesity:
Better Policies for a Healthier America
, a report from the Trust for
America’s Health (TFAH) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).
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“Lentil-based pasta has significantly more protein and fiber compared to
pastas made from grains like rice, corn, wheat, and even whole wheat,”
said Jessie Hunter, Director of Research at the USA Dry Pea & Lentil
Council and American Pulse Association. “The high fiber and protein in
legume pasta causes a slower rise in blood sugar compared to other
noodles and pastas; this helps keep blood sugar levels stable, and
promotes feeling fuller longer.”

Lipps further refutes some of the myths that take people down the wrong
path towards healthier eating, particularly as it relates to pasta.

“Pasta is a staple in many households, and is typically eaten in too big
of portions; people feel as if they need to cut out carbohydrates
completely to help with weight loss, when in reality cutting back on
portion sizes and incorporating alternative pastas, such as the higher
protein legume pastas, is key,” added Lipps.

About Melanie Lipps MS, RD, LD

Melanie Lipps is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with a Masters in
Sports Nutrition. She obtained her BS in Medical Dietetics at The Ohio
State University and her MS in Sports Nutrition from Florida State
University. She has spent most of her time counseling individuals, small
groups and providing presentations to even larger groups. She loves
working with people to help them make changes that will impact them now,
but more importantly to help them create a healthier lifestyle. She
loves what she does, and is committed to helping people make the changes
necessary for a better quality of life.


TOLERANT is a Certified Organic, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Vegan, Low
Sodium, Kosher single-ingredient legume-based product in the shape of
pasta. Per 3oz serving, it offers 20+ grams of protein, 46 – 62% of
one’s daily fiber, a full serving of vegetables, complex carbs for
energy, and is allergen-free. TOLERANT is currently distributed in more
than 1,000 retailers in the United States (including shelf placement in
Kroger, Acme, Giant Eagle, Winn Dixie, Kings, Earth Fare, Mom’s, Shaw’s,
Fairway, hundreds of Independent Health Food Stores, Costco, and Sam’s
Club), as well as exports to Mexico, Hong Kong, Korea, the United
Kingdom and Canada. TOLERANT launched its first product, the Organic Red
Lentil and Black Bean pasta-shaped products (Penne, Rotini and Mini
Fettuccine) in 2013. In 2015, due to heavy demand, it launched Organic
Green Lentil products, offering 6oz Organic Green Lentil Elbows, Shells
and an 8oz Penne.

TOLERANT is dedicated to providing delicious, organic, minimal
ingredient foods worldwide by offering families a quality product that
offers tremendous nutritional benefits for a healthy lifestyle. It
believes that gluten free, organic eating habits can taste great and
deliver clean ingredients for an overall feeling of health and
satiety. For more information, visit:


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