TransPerfect’s Shpendi Saliu Honored for Commitment to Hiring Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals

the world’s leading provider of language and technology solutions for
global business, along with the company’s Regional Operations Manager,
Shpendi Saliu, has been recognized with an award given by Lexington
Vocational Services Center, Inc. for its efforts to hire
hearing-impaired employees.

Lexington students come from all over New York’s five boroughs, and a
number of students have other disabilities in addition to deafness,
including mobility and mental impairments. Lexington prepares all
students to continue on to college, vocational education, job training,
or a placement that will support them to live a responsible, productive

“Recounting TransPerfect’s heartfelt testimonies is what our program is
all about—coming together to share worlds, words, and wisdom,” commented
a spokesperson from Lexington Vocational Services Center. “We look
forward to continue working with Shpendi and TransPerfect to broaden
horizons and bridge atmospheres of ambition and independence for our
deaf consumers.”

Based on the success of the company’s pilot program, TransPerfect has
expanded their efforts with a goal to significantly increase hiring of
deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals over the course of the next year.

Phil Shawe, TransPerfect Co-CEO, commented, “After hearing V.R. Ferose’s
presentation ‘From Success to Significance’ about SAP and his journey to
create a successful software testing work program for autistic
individuals, I was inspired to consider new sources of talent for
TransPerfect. When Shpendi told me about Lexington Vocational Services
Center and the incredible work some of their graduates were doing in our
e-discovery division, TransPerfect Legal Solutions, I encouraged him to
build a full program. The results of partnership have been
overwhelmingly positive—we even have managers learning sign language—and
we are excited to increase our commitment to providing career
opportunities for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.”

TransPerfect Co-CEO Liz Elting remarked, “At TransPerfect, we’ve always
been vocal about our belief that our employees and their unique mix of
backgrounds, experiences, and skills are the best part of our company.
Our deaf and hard-of-hearing team members, in addition to being
exceptionally skilled employees, are a daily source of inspiration to
their colleagues and to other members of the Lexington program who share
similar career and life goals. We’re so grateful to have them as part of
our organization, and we intend to continue promoting diversity—one of
our company’s core values—within TransPerfect at every available

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